Traducción de guttural en Español:


gutural, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡədərəl//ˈɡʌt(ə)r(ə)l/


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    (from the throat)
    (language/voice) gutural
    • This is the story of violence, betrayal, love, and survival told in a series of monosyllabic guttural sounds, set against the backdrop of volcanic eruptions and pterodactyls.
    • It seemed the werewolf was on the verge of talking, but all that escaped its throat was a guttural growl.
    • It starts off with three or four high-pitched peeps in rather quick succession; then the bird launches into a raspy, guttural shriek; and then the bird whistles a few warbling notes as a coda.
    • On the third, she pulled with all her might, small guttural noise escaping from her throat as she did.
    • He simply stood for half a second, a low, guttural cry escaping his burnt throat, before he ran.
    • The auburn-haired boy warned with a guttural growl.
    • Though he couldn't understand the words, it sounded like more guttural then anything else he'd heard in his life.
    • The low guttural syllables meant nothing to her, but the weary tone did.
    • The creature was obviously female, with a harsh, guttural growl to her speech.
    • Deep guttural growls came from the alleyway, as well as fearful whimpering.
    • He spoke in a deep guttural voice and somewhat under his breath.
    • From his appearance, you would expect a guttural tone, but his voice was deep and educated.
    • Sometimes it's just a grunt or two, a guttural sound akin to some sort of proto-speech.
    • He had had various tics; he would make certain faces and guttural sounds when he was thinking, and they made these faces and sounds, too.
    • As students, they are grim-faced and punctuate their training with odd, guttural sounds, and as instructors they tend to be intensely rank-conscious and overbearing.
    • She saw Mac still sleeping soundly, making a barely audible guttural sound from his throat, she silently laughed at the thought that he has a slight snoring problem.
    • In its own harsh tones, almost guttural as if coming from a throat not designed with speech in mind, it spoke to him.
    • One night someone came up to us talking in a guttural tone.
    • Salman made a guttural noise, clearing his throat.
    • And in 1995, the blind musician became the first American ever to compete in an unusual contest of multi-harmonic - and highly guttural - throat singing.
    • He was only able to snap one photo when he heard a deep, guttural snort.
    • I no sooner cleared the tree line when I heard a deep guttural growl behind me.
    • He let out a guttural growl and then a groan when his cell phone rang.
    • His speech has the guttural accent of his native Germany.
    • William leapt forward with a guttural growl, knocking one of the assassins back.
    • The voice was a low, guttural growl; the question was given as a command.
    • As they moved off, a group of shadows detached themselves from the darkness and followed them, speaking in the guttural speech of Orc.
    • It wasn't the piercing sound so popularly heard in Hollywood movies, but a loud guttural animal sound that froze the blood of everyone who heard it.
    • Abruptly, the creature's wild silvery eyes snapped open, and a guttural screech echoed from its throat, as it spread is massive feathered wings and stood.
    • It's full of phonemes, guttural exclamations and limpid hisses.
    • I am struck by owner Eddy's softly spoken Swedish, in contrast to the usual more guttural pronunciation.
    • After months of therapy, she recovered physically and could make guttural sounds.
    • He started chanting the incantation of a dark spell, full of ugly guttural sounds.
    • ‘Roger that,’ Marshall said in his low, guttural throat mic tone.
    • Harsh, guttural phrases echoed and rebounded around the hall as the two yelled furiously at one another, both at a far remove from the calm, efficient people they had met the previous day.
    • The whatever-it-was uttered something in a harsh, guttural language.
    • The incorporation of guttural sounds and shouts appeared as honest and spontaneous reactions to his movement.
    • His skin was dark and rough looking, he didn't seem as if he fit into the English world though his voice consisted of the soft R's and guttural sounds I've heard all my life.
    • I choke on the laughter, and out of my throat comes a harsh, guttural wail of despair.
    • Alex let the words to the song flow out of his mouth, the guttural German sound the last thing the people in audience expected.
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    (consonant) velar