Traducción de gym en Español:


gimnasio, n.

Pronunciación /dʒɪm//dʒɪm/


  • 1

    gimnasio masculino
    • He needs games where you call your own fouls and are force-fed the creative and intuitive parts of the game that always flow better on hard courts and sweaty inner-city gyms.
    • How in the world could a school with such a dinky gym ever help a league with big-time aspirations?
    • It also has an Olympic-size swimming pool and indoor gyms with wrestling and judo mats, fencing strips and a boxing ring.
    • Like me in the offseason, he was in the gym working on the things he needed to.
    • Many of our games were held in cramped high school gyms and armories.
    • If he wants me to stay in the gym, I'll set up a cot and shoot free throws at two in the morning.
    • They had swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and all that.
    • Educators pushed the ‘community education’ concept which led to organized afterschool activities that opened even more gyms.
    • I was a kid who just found a gym or a ballfield or made a football game with the neighborhood kids.
    • The dance's held in the gym, but the gym is so huge that you'll be stuck there forever cleaning up.
    • He was told that Lauren was doing a gymnastics exercise in the school gym in March 1995 when she jumped from a springboard.
    • Still, every town, no matter how small or remote, needs a school; and every school has a field or a gym to play in.
    • He was quick for his size, could jump out of the gym, and loved to play defense.
    • Then my uncle, who used to box, sent me to a local boxing gym.
    • Which isn't to say he always was tethered to a desk or running sprints in the gym.
    • Do you get a different enjoyment from going into a hostile gym and playing well?
    • Basketball gyms were filled to capacity and newer and larger arenas were built to accommodate this increased interest.
    • One player who walks into the gym and all her teammates are a little afraid of what she might do next.
    • Our kids have been traipsing around the city for three decades, using 25 different gyms for practice and nine different gyms for home games during that time.
    • The games sometimes are played in other gyms and arenas but still contain a special intensity that is hard to match.
  • 2

    gimnasia femenino
    • These girls are likely to be introduced to new activities such as aerobics, swimming and gym training.
    • My solution to this would be to make things like performing in gym optional or possibly not do it at all.
    • The best thing that worked for my son was when he came to an adult open gym with me.
    • She was glad to be in gym; it was the only class where she didn't have to think much about stuff she didn't want to think about.
    • Out in the field, with the hoe swung above her head, she jokes that it's a good as any gym workout.
    • The players are also completing gym and net sessions before they leave for England next month.
    • The people's custom likes go to the cinema, play football, gym and other sports activity.
    • Playgroups, outings with friends, reading time, time on the computer, music groups and toddler gym.
    • You only have an hour or so of gym time per week, so don't use it preaching, use it teaching.
    • The youngster loved animals, as well as horse riding, tennis, gym and swimming.
    • I used to think gym and sport was absolutely the pits, because I had no idea about what to do in either of them.
    • That means gruelling daily gym sessions and regular ice time at Altrincham, where he is a junior coach.
    • But we both really like rock music and that helped me out no end, as I would often do a lot of gym work with some good music in the background.