Traducción de gymnastic en Español:


gimnástico, adj.

Pronunciación /dʒɪmˈnæstɪk//dʒɪmˈnastɪk/


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    • The day's programme began with a gymnastic display by the scholars, and a performance by drum majorettes.
    • Despite its enormous size, the gym seemed crowded with gymnastic apparatuses.
    • Many good gymnastic coaches have never competed in matches.
    • The first Modern Olympic games in 1896 featured competitive gymnastic events for men, which have been included in every Olympics since.
    • She did all the gymnastic exercises better than anyone else.
    • After unravelling themselves from an eye-watering gymnastic display, they explain they both joined the circus when they were nine years old.
    • During practice sessions she sometimes furiously kicks gymnastic apparatuses and screams that she will never go near them again.
    • We've already mastered our flatwork, and introduced small gymnastic jumping exercises.
    • Whole families come there for workouts and to learn some gymnastic exercises that improve fitness.
    • Simons continues to peruse a multitude of mediums that incorporate his gymnastic talent.
    • During this time, Betty did some coaching and performed in a number of gymnastic shows and exhibitions throughout the the USA.
    • While performing gymnastic exercises, she never smiles.
    • In the afternoon, the pair gave a talk about the importance of exercise and healthy eating, then wowed everyone with a dramatic gymnastic display.
    • In addition to her gymnastic training five days a week, she skis and skates in the winter.
    • It was probably the largest turnout for a gymnastic event in the United States.
    • The work's extreme manoeuvres seem designed to seduce its dancers into displays of gymnastic narcissism.
    • She would like to continue her gymnastic career even after Tokyo, but sooner or later she must think of stepping down to make way for the younger set.
    • Let's not delve deep into gymnastic techniques and details by describing all the elements.
    • The standards of Soviet gymnastic training and performance are known and recognized the world over.
    • Her mother was a gymnastics teacher and she was part of a gymnastic team preparing to compete in the Moscow Olympics.