Traducción de haberdashery en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhabədaʃəri//ˈhæbərˌdæʃəri/

nombrePlural haberdasheries

  • 1

    • 1.1US (clothes store)

      tienda de ropa y accesorios para caballeros femenino
      • The three of us trooped off together to get outfitted at a mid-town haberdashery.
      • So he got me the plush summer job at the men's haberdashery selling ties and socks and underwear.
      • His men's haberdashery in St. Paul, Minn., once served as the factory's midwestern distribution center.
      • There are 14 departments with escalators and elevators ‘going up’ to haberdashery and food and down to furniture and china.
      • Soon, Hollywood's fine haberdasheries were replaced by pizza joints, T-shirt shops, and pornographic bookstores.

    • 1.2British (store selling sewing materials etc)

      mercería femenino

  • 2

    • 2.1US (clothes)

      ropa y accesorios para caballeros masculino
      • On opening day fifteen departments were ready for business, including grocery, confectionery, wine, perfume, books, haberdashery, sporting goods, and toys.
      • As part of this refit, the company also scaled back floor space for textiles, dress fabrics, haberdashery and knitting yarns.
      • To the democratic reader committed to affording all beliefs equal status, belief is a sort of style, like haberdashery, taken on and put away at will.
      • Off the field, Portis also was fun because of his outlandish haberdashery and his outrageously confident attitude.
      • Like Dr. Grant, however, the meticulous doctor found no pleasure in soiling his fancy haberdashery during a leisurely round of golf.

    • 2.2British (sewing materials)

      artículos de mercería masculino
      mercería femenino
      • Many display shelves were covered by stationery materials, crepe paper, haberdashery, hair conditioner and washing detergent, boot polish and plastic toys.
      • The shop specialises in a wide range of fabrics, haberdashery and buttons.
      • You are taken on a journey through the closed store, passing through bedroom furniture and fine china, accounts and haberdashery.
      • The company has a £45 million a year turnover with sales of a wide range of products, including household wares, haberdashery and clothes at budget prices.
      • Fight scenes of bewildering sword combat make conscientious use of the loitering props - chairs, crates and candlesticks are among the wasted haberdashery.