Traducción de habitat en Español:


hábitat, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhæbəˌtæt//ˈhabɪtat/


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    hábitat masculino
    • It's hard enough bird watching, does she have to disrupt the animals in their natural habitat?
    • The article suggests that protecting elephants and their natural habitats would be a step to survival of the species.
    • The best tend to have fewer species, provide a great deal of space, and sometimes almost reproduce the animals' natural habitats - minus most of the dangers.
    • The point is businesses that benefit from animals are expected to preserve habitats, not disturb natural productivity.
    • One of those values is the desire to protect our natural habitat for generations to come.
    • The draining of water from rivers and watersheds for irrigation leads to drier natural habitats.
    • In this film there are no underwater shots of marine life in its natural habitat.
    • Finally, time was spent on the Galapagos Islands recording indigenous animals in their natural habitats.
    • It's a technique which has a lot of potential and the next film will feature more talking animals in their natural habitat.
    • But the stress of being moved from their natural habitat can damage the animals and the public are being asked not to handle them.
    • The place is a natural habitat for 15 endemic plants bearing the mountains' name.
    • We depend on the natural environment for our survival, as wildlife depends on the natural ecosystem for its habitat.
    • The series focuses on the current state of our natural habitat, and what the future holds for us all.
    • Soon it will be time to compete for attention with a different type of animal in their natural habitat of the Dáil.
    • The good news is that these cool, damp places are ideal for growing woodland plants, whose natural habitats include just such moist, shady conditions.
    • Pollution had also been a major problem, devastating the natural habitats of many animals and damaging the earth beyond repair.
    • These included maintaining and restoring a full range of remaining natural habitats and ecosystems to a healthy, functioning condition.
    • We have destroyed all the predators of the fox in these islands by our own expansion into natural habitats.
    • Boundaries should be placed around cities instead, preventing the otherwise inevitable depletion of precious natural habitats.
    • This chance to view the animals in their natural habitat should not be passed by.