There are 2 main translations of hack in Español

: hack1hack2


cortar a tajos, v.

Pronunciación /hak//hæk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(cut roughly)

      cortar a tajos
      tajear América Latina
      he was hacked to death lo mataron a hachazos (/ machetazos etc. )
      • to hack sth to bits / pieces hacer algo trizas
      • he hacked off a large chunk of bread cortó un trozo grande de pan
      • they hacked their way through the jungle se abrieron camino a machetazos a través de la jungla
      • He lifted it and hacked at the door again, and again, and small chips of wood started to fly off.
      • With a machete, he hacked low branches and vines to clear the boat's path through the flooded forest.
      • The Romans' idea of a great evening was to watch gladiators hack each other apart, and then top it off with a drunken orgy.
      • He hacked at a wall of vines, which fell and revealed a gaping, black hole.
      • But that would be to hack off the branches of the argument rather than to undermine the roots.
      • Whirling bodies slashed and hacked at each other; the slaughter was horrendous.
      • I grinned as I hacked at my old jeans, turning them into a pair of shorts.
      • He's got really tight curls so I've only ever used the clippers or hacked at it myself but I haven't done this for about eight months now so it was getting quite long.
      • He'd shimmy up with a machete, hack them off and let them fall to the ground.
      • The ice was supplied by a local fish factory and re-applied every night to a vertical wall after being hacked at all day by ice axes.
      • These arborists climb high in an ancient oak tree and drag along a chain saw to hack off dead branches, which they let crash to the ground.
      • She had wavy black hair that looked like it had been hacked at with a knife.
      • Police in Trowbridge are appealing for witnesses after thugs hacked at a tree in the park on Saturday afternoon.
      • People with knives hacked at the bodies of the dead.
      • We all threw blankets over him, and he had to hack off this charred mass with a Swiss Army Knife.
      • It is as if the corner of a Rembrandt has been hacked off, so it is extremely important that we don't rush in and make a mess of it.
      • He ran forward and began to hack at him, each slash more powerful than the last.
      • A school has been forced to admit it made a mistake after allowing geology students to hack at the rock face of a beauty spot on a field trip.
      • He smashed the back window with a fire extinguisher, while others hacked at the roof.
      • It's very tempting to hack off your black, down-your-back hair for a platinum blonde buzz cut when you're hungry for a funky new look.

    • 1.2Deporte

      (in soccer) darle una patada a
      (in basketball) golpear en el brazo
      • With Farfan bearing down on him, Dida rushes to the edge of his area and hacks the ball clear.
      • After some slapstick defending from Real, Miguel Salgado eventually hacks the ball into Row Z.
      • Roberto Carlos has taken to hacking the ball miles into the stand in desperation.
      • The curly-haired midfielder duly hacked his effort well wide of the near post from about seven yards.
      • In injury time, Maxwell did beat Boswell with a header but Burscough skipper Stephen McNulty hacked the ball off the line for a corner.
      • Spain win another free-kick as Joaquin is hacked down.
      • He was sent off during the match after being tripped by Diego Simeone, and responding in the worst way a footballer could-he hacked Simeone's legs.
      • They disrupted an opposition move in midfield, and then hacked the ball on.
      • He hacked a loose ball from virtually his own line well upfield and as Glasgow put on pressure, a penalty was awarded which Dan Parks slipped home.
      • The ball was hacked half-clear to the edge of the box where Jean-Louis Valois's half-hit return was just about the only poor connection he made all day long.
      • Boston almost scored when a Jason Lee header from Danny Thomas' cross was hacked off the line by Baraclough.
      • Stephens' clearance kick from behind his own post was kept in play by Ladell, who hacked the ball on three times in a shoulder-to-shoulder race to the tryline.
      • In this physical game, the Africans hacked Diego Maradona all day.
      • His header was hacked off the goal line as Kendal looked to double their lead.
      • On the fifth he drove it in a creek to the left and almost broke his club hacking it out of there.
      • Kuffour chases him, similarly ignorant of the referee's assistant, and hacks him down.
      • The way they're both playing tonight there's only ever going to be one winner of that contest, and the Liverpool centre-half hacks the ball clear.
      • The move seemed to have fizzled out when the ball was hacked forward into the in-goal area and, on the intervention of the same touch-judge, a penalty try was awarded for interference.
      • Porto attack, but Sergio tidies up at the back for Deportivo and the ball is hacked clear.
      • Their best chance came from a free-kick on eight yards, foolishly conceded by Ryan Esson when he should either have hacked the ball away or allow it to pass for a corner.
      • Woeful defending from Niclas Alexandersson almost lets Rooney in, but Olof Mellberg hacks the ball over the bar to concede a corner.

  • 2coloquial

    (cope with, tolerate)
    aguantar coloquial
    • This way I could feel like part of a community instead of the lone, sole loser, the one who couldn't hack it.
    • The question is, can he still hack it live. Well, can he?
    • Many baritone players are guys who couldn't really hack it as trumpet players.
    • Will they be able to hack it under fire at the general election?
    • Who know's what the future will hold there (and how long I'll be able to hack it - reckon about a year or so).
    • If they find that she can't hack it over two miles at the top level she'll take her place in the World Hurdle instead, but that's not the dream.
    • The real surprise is how often the paid help - our legislators - agree that they can't hack it and put propositions on the ballot themselves.
    • What you will not see is any mention of those students who couldn't hack it, or who didn't do any better than if they had gone through the regular school system.
    • Because you will never be able to hack it in the modern world.
    • You wouldn't take a job like mine if you couldn't hack it.
    • And now, we learn that its greatest champions in Europe can't hack it.
    • As the name implies, it means I've given up and I just can't hack it anymore.
    • I think it may be all some kind of test - throw Matt a project to manage on his second day and see if he can hack it.
    • I could never hack it as a full-time, stay-at-home dad.
    • Chris Cusiter proved he can hack it on the big stage and the late revival showed that the men in the thistle jerseys at least have pride in their professionalism.
    • In one swift move, he has learned that life is tough at the cutting edge of Scottish journalism and if you can't hack it, put a knot in it.
    • Bearing in mind the conditions which affected both sides and caused lots of mistakes, it was Australia who just couldn't hack it when it came down to the crunch.
    • Do Leigh have the temperament to hack it on the big occasion without losing their composure, and consequently, the match?
    • Vote for other independents; at least you'll know they can hack it on their own.
    • I should be used to this by now, but I can't hack it.
  • 3coloquial

    (system) piratear
    • She had hacked into the CIA database and got the picture.
    • And those indulging in hacking but with malicious and criminal intent are crackers.
    • Mikey the Programmer is hacking away on the new FTP client feature of his groovy Macintosh software.
    • I believe with further hacking it would be possible to control a fairly robust corporate or personal website with a wiki backend.
    • Other than a bit of hacking around with iMovie when it was first available for download a couple of years ago, I have never edited video of any kind before.
    • BT would give no details of how someone could have hacked into the system.
    • Ho hum, need to spend some time hacking around with Perl to see if I can get it working again!
    • East Carolina University has fired a computer services employee who admitted to hacking into the school's computer network nearly three years ago.
    • Mike easily hacked into the mainframe of the US government building and began to look for a map of the layout of the building, or at least a blueprint.
    • Unfortunately I started by vaguely hacking around with Perl and have developed some appalling habits which Perl quite happily lets me get away with.
    • I've just spent the morning hacking around inside a Windows 2000 registry to solve the problem of account passwords not being stored in Outlook.
    • The screen froze a moment, then flashed, indicating that the block was up, and that the trade organization wouldn't be able to locate where they were hacking from.
    • At the moment, banks and building societies usually cover the costs of crime, and will refund any losses if someone clones your credit card or hacks into your online account.
    • I hope his girlfriend breaks up with him today, his dog runs away and someone hacks into his AOL account and uses it to send threatening emails to the president.
    • He hacked into my e-mail accounts and read all my mail, new and old.
    • I like the idea of Linux, and I love puttering around with it, writing little scripts, hacking around with CGI and perl.
    • First of all, you know we sent you that message, after you hacked into our database.
    • Then he hacked into the computer systems and transferred money from the base's account to ours, wiping his trail clean.
    • If you want to do more, you'll have to hack around a bit or throw some parts and free software to build your own, but a minority of folks seem to go to such lengths.
    • A Florida teenager was banged up for six months yesterday after admitting he hacked into NASA systems.
    • It will also prevent outsiders hacking into police messages and allow police to go out on foot in rural areas safe in the knowledge that they are linked to the rest of the network.
    • After hacking farther into the American Personnel files, he found the name of the chief investigator on the case.
    • In thirty seconds she'd hacked into the access computer.
    • Now, if only I remembered something about programming so I could hack together a Windows version…
    • They seized books on hacking, a laptop computer and four desktop machines from his bedroom.
    • We now have a maximum sentence of 7 years for reckless damage to a computer, 5 years for taking trade secrets, and 2 years for hacking.
    • He started hacking at 14, when he and a schoolfriend had a running game of trying to get into each other's websites.
    • I've been so busy hacking around with HTML and building web pages about this particular subject that I have rather neglected to comment about it on here.
    • She had already hacked into the Government computers within a few minutes.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (cut roughly)
    hacer tajos
    to hack at sth despedazar algo
  • 2

  • 3hacking pres p

    perruno coloquial


  • 1

    (with ax) hachazo masculino
    (with machete) machetazo masculino
  • 2

    (in soccer) patada femenino
    (in basketball) manotazo masculino

There are 2 main translations of hack in Español

: hack1hack2


escritorzuelo, n.

Pronunciación /hæk//hak/


  • 1despectivo

    (writer) escritorzuelo masculino despectivo
    (writer) escritorzuela femenino despectivo
    (journalist) gacetillero masculino despectivo
    (journalist) gacetillera femenino despectivo
    (writer) (before noun) de pacotilla
    (writing/work) de poca monta
    (work/writing) pedestre
    he was just another film hack era otro directorcillo cualquiera
    • hack reporter reportera de bajo calibre / de pacotilla
    • But is her secret, as some rivals are sniffily suggesting, simply to have let tabloid newspaper hacks loose in the more respectful world of magazines?
    • Most of the folks coming are friends, but they've invited their neighbours - a hack writer and his wife - to smooth over a dispute about the dog.
    • But even a third-rate hack, wannabe journalist like me can spot bad reporting.
    • While big budget often means lousy script and too many hacks spending the money, low-budget doesn't automatically mean quality.
    • ‘It's a stock pickers' market’ is sometimes misused by market hacks to describe a dull or flat market.
    • Was the poor gentleman under the impression that I am a councillor or a psychiatrist instead of just a newspaper hack?
    • But new recruits will need to cultivate diplomacy, and that frequently eludes a successful newspaper hack.
    • Scriptwriters insist on depicting reporters as unscrupulous, hard-bitten hacks who'd sooner sell their granny than miss out on a scoop.
    • Their slow-burning songs bear enough resemblance to Cave to have music journalists and PR hacks throwing around big nice words.
    • The article and accompanying cartoon were projected on a screen in front of a room of hacks and sub-editors, as the master dissected it.
    • We newspaper hacks have been deluding ourselves.
    • Whether these journalists are hacks or heroes is not the issue.
    • A handful of idealistic hacks questioned the journalistic ethics of accepting freebies, but they no longer work at the paper.
    • They discovered the bar crammed full of newspaper hacks and TV presenters, tapping away at laptops and writing in notepads.
    • It was an era before distrust, cynicism, agents, and chequebook journalism permanently soured the relationship between footballers and hacks.
    • Once upon a time, the hacks of Fleet Street and the politicians of Whitehall were all on the same side - that of the British establishment, united against the public.
    • Editorial and headline writers and the hacks at the television news outlets have no time for such contradictions.
    • Meanwhile, literary hacks and Grub Street writers produced popular pot boilers for the masses.
    • As you will sure agree, what follows is some of the most illuminating journalism since those two hacks at the Washington Post brought Watergate down on Nixon.
    • Scott Roberts's screenplay crackles with crisp dialogue that's never so witty that it sounds forced, or like a hack writer showing off.
  • 2

    • 2.1(horse)

      (for riding) caballo de silla masculino
      (for hire) caballo de alquiler masculino
      • The stables catered for hacks, hunters, carriage horses and carriages and the Georgian quadrangle was established as the ideal pattern.
      • A Munnings horse on the other hand has a lot of the stable about it - a lot of knowledge, no doubt, and a lot to attract others who know their hacks, hunters and ponies.
      • They are quite often sent off on loan for someone to use as hacks or show jump them.
      • As to who of the above appeared on the sacred gallops on bicycles, who on hacks and who in motors, we can only surmise.
      • English breeders are turning their attention chiefly to hacks, hunters and heavy draft horses.

    • 2.2(worn-out horse)

      jaco masculino
      jamelgo masculino
      • Having escaped serious injury throughout his racing career, Tommy was lamed for life through a fall from his hack while riding to the post office in the Curragh Camp.
      • A smart trainer at Newmarket will ride out on the Heath on his hack, which may be a sumptuous former racehorse.

    • 2.3British (ride)

      paseo a caballo masculino
      • Lessons continued in her 21-horse centre, but the country hacks, popular with tourists, have stopped, bringing a massive loss of business.
      • One favoured method of working off excess energy before a work out or a hack is to lunge the horse for a short period before mounting.
      • Bally seemed content with her new role: grazing the field was interrupted by the odd hack out, and then back to eating.
      • Sunday is also unofficially Kids Day and there will more horse events including junior hacks and riding classes as well as some fun prizes for the prettiest mare and handsomest colt in the gala ring.
      • My horse actually got a scab on her leg from a hack and I've spent the last four days at the barn treating it and of course, riding!

  • 3

    • 3.1(taxi driver)

      (masculine and feminine) taxista
      tachero masculino Río de la Plata coloquial
      tachera femenino Río de la Plata coloquial
      ruletero masculino México coloquial
      ruletera femenino México coloquial

    • 3.2(taxi)

      taxi masculino
      tacho masculino Río de la Plata coloquial
      • You're going to have to take me or I'll turn you in and you'll lose your hack license.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1EEUUcoloquial

    (drive taxi)
    trabajar de taxista
    currelar de taxista España coloquial
    ruletear México coloquial
  • 2Britanico

    pasear a caballo