Traducción de hackles en Español:


pelo erizado del lomo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhak(ə)lz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    (on dogs) pelo erizado del lomo
    (on birds) collar masculino
    • With malevolent eye highlighted in red and throat feathers raised like the hackles of a dog, he was distinctly intimidating.
    • Another distinct bird is the Nicobar pigeon with its metallic green hackles and sheen on its plumage.
    • Its hackles raised and its teeth bared ferociously; she was scared.
    • Sekher felt his hackles rise, claws extruded in fear.
    • Next to me, I could almost feel Cale's hackles rising in defiance and uneasiness, much like a cornered dog about to make a break for it between the gaps in the ring of its attackers.
    • The dogs growled and slowed, their hackles rising.
    • Black throat-feathers bristled like the hackles of an angered wolf, while its dark eyes were set off by striking ‘eyebrows’ - wattles of vivid red flesh.
    • It bared its teeth, hackles bristling, and snarled.
    • Their thick hackles rose and their lips curled back into snarls as they spotted the two.
    • The boar saw the sword and his hackles rose; the hunters feared for their lord's life.
    • He saw his snarling muzzle clamped tight, saw bristling hackles and a bright amber eye wide with terror - just as something struck him.
    • Isabella's hackles rose, immediately running to my defense.
    • Bowering's hackles rise and then just as quickly fall again.
    • Bebe puffed up her little body, her short fur trying to ridge along her back into hackles, her bared fangs at Daisy's throat.
    • His hackles rising, he switched into ‘protector’ mode.
    • Lee's hackles rose, his ears flattened, and a low growl began deep in his chest.
    • The dog stared, ears flattening, and she saw his hackles rise along his spine.
    • A pack of wolves, fifty at least, were coming toward her, hackles raised, teeth bared, snarling.
    • Her eyes practically exploded with flames and her hair rose a little, like a dog rising its hackles.
    • The smell conjured up terrible, dog-like images of danger and violence, and the hackles on the tomcat's neck stood at attention.
    • Even before they hit the ground both birds fan their hackles out, resembling nothing so much as a suddenly opened umbrella.