Traducción de hair spray en Español:

hair spray

laca, n.


Pronunciación /ˈhɛrˌspreɪ//ˈhɛːspreɪ/


  • 1

    laca femenino
    (para el pelo) fijador masculino
    • Her hair was stiff with gel and hairspray and never seemed to move.
    • If you're out for a big night and want some serious volume, spray some super-hold hairspray at the crown of your head and backcomb your hair to give it an extra lift.
    • Spritzing yourself with canned hairspray or deodorant used to top the list of perceived environmental sins.
    • Their hairdos are miracles of invention and peroxide, with enough hairspray on them to stop a palm tree rustling in a hurricane.
    • Apply makeup, perfume and hairspray before putting on your jewellery.
    • She tied the mass of curls in place with a silver scrunchie and sprayed it lightly with hairspray.
    • I turned off the hairdryer and sprayed some hairspray in it lightly, running my fingers through it to give the waves a cute, messy look.
    • It actually only took about an hour and a lot of hairspray to get my hair curly enough.
    • I woke up, got dressed, curled my hair with gel and hairspray, got on my bus, got off and went to breakfast.
    • Always apply hairspray, perfume, and deodorant before you dress and let it dry completely.
    • The new range is a move away from the irons and includes hair treatments, ceramic brushes, shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, and styling gels.
    • Instead, use shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays specially formulated for synthetic wigs.
    • I stood up and she pushed a strand of my hair back into place, attacking it with hairspray.
    • I hadn't taken my hair down from the wedding and spent probably twenty minutes trying to dislodge bobby pins from hairspray.
    • Simply brush your hair and apply a bit of hairspray while your hair is still wet.
    • I send him out to go and buy me some hairspray and some setting lotion for my hair.
    • Hair gels and hairspray can irritate your face if they are put near the hairline.
    • Spray your fingertips with hairspray, then dig to your scalp, raising your fingers every couple seconds to lift your hair.
    • Each section was then sprayed with hairspray again to help the hair stay sleek.
    • This makes me use a great deal of gel and hairspray to keep it from sticking straight up.