Traducción de hairpin en Español:


horquilla (de moño), n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛrˌpɪn//ˈhɛːpɪn/


  • 1

    horquilla (de moño) femenino
    before noun hairpin turn / curve (US) or (British) bend curva muy cerrada femenino
    • When they had all left, I took a hairpin out of my hair and fiddled with the lock.
    • They had several hairpins in their hair, inconspicuous objects, which they would use to pick the easier locks.
    • I pulled two hairpins from my thick hair as it fell down, still tied back by a black ribbon.
    • This is a holiday hairstyle where decorative hairpins are a must!
    • When she first met her future husband in 1962 they'd drive round the countryside in his low-slung Mini Cooper, ‘which used to judder the hairpins out of my hair, causing my lacquered beehive to collapse’.
    • She took a hairpin out of ponytail and pried off a tile on the wall with it, revealing a small code pad.
    • One of the women was carrying in drastically colorful clothes, while the other a box of hairbrush with some hairpins.
    • Girls would not be allowed to coil up their hair with hairpins unless they were married; if she did so her husband and parents-in-law would look down upon her because she hadn't followed the rules for women's behavior.
    • I went over to the mirror, grabbed a few hairpins, and proceeded to wrestle my hair into a recognizable state.
    • Visibly shaken, perhaps by the overt sexual connotations of the kiss, Viola appears in the next shot with her apparel in disarray: Her blouse hangs loosely, and strands of her hair have slipped free of their binding hairpins.
    • Vivian was a person whom matched her status - her sparkly brown hair was awash with blue star-shaped hairpins and her deep, black eyes were rimmed by a purple coloring that sparkled like stars when light reflected off it.
    • ‘Could you- ‘she started to say but I was already reaching out and pulling the hairpins out of her hair.
    • When she returned, she pulled a hairpin out of her hair.
    • She has short hair with bangs and a black hairpin always tucking her hair on the left.
    • Women can't use hairpins to keep their hair together; it's too painful.
    • She pulls the hairpins free and lets her hair fall.
    • At the door, Laura pulls a hairpin out of her hair and sticks it into the lock.
    • This will sound very odd, but could you tell me… is there any other way than hairpins that a lady might put her hair up?
    • There are also heroines who arrive on stage without any hairpins at all (the hair is down).
    • Spark some interest with an ornate hairpin, barrette or ponytail holder like these 24k gold-dipped pieces.