Traducción de half-dozen en Español:


media docena, n.

Pronunciación /ˌhæfˈdəzən/


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    media docena femenino
    • With Mary Pierce, Martina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport ranked in the top half-dozen, women's doubles is hitting a golden era.
    • One day in early December of 1996, Moira and a half-dozen fellow students decided to occupy the school.
    • He is now working with his fifth manager in three years and, if Dalglish really doesn't take it permanently, it will be a half-dozen.
    • A half-dozen young skaters with boards under their arms sit down on a long bench up against the wood.
    • Not only the above half-dozen but all the lads on the panel know what the build up to an All-Ireland final is like.
    • Whenever we go up there, we often stop off just to buy a half-dozen to take back to Canberra.
    • Back in 1991, more than a half-dozen Arab nations were part of our Desert Storm coalition.
    • The half-dozen or so low cigar-shaped mounds are pillow mounds relating to a more recent rabbit warren.
    • In Melbourne there have been twenty four gangland killings, the last half-dozen amid the general public.
    • Situated off the north coast of Jura, it is one of the half-dozen biggest maelstroms in the world.
    • Doves are smaller than chickens, so you eat three or four instead of half of one, just as we usually eat a half-dozen or more perch compared to a single walleye fillet.
    • The half-dozen or so cultivars of this herb include both green-leaved and red or purple-leaved forms.
    • Of the half-dozen or so charities who enjoy her patronage, most will be aware of Booth's public skills as a communicator.
    • Now it will be a struggle for Nader to increase his ballot presence in more than a half-dozen or so states.
    • He was the only mourner among the half-dozen without a formal reason for being there.
    • The 23-year-old was rarely out of the first half-dozen in the sprints this year in his first Tour, and will surely win a stage soon.
    • For transport policies, we know we are in the top half-dozen in the country.
    • In fact, of the half-dozen, only the Toronto Maple Leafs appear in with a chance to challenge for Lord Stanley's jug this season.
    • Almost a half-dozen were taken to hospital with injuries.
    • A half-dozen of his own modern examples were shared by two or more.


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    a half-dozen eggs media docena de huevos