Traducción de half pay en Español:

half pay

media paga, n.


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    media paga femenino
    • To make the finances work, he asked the remaining employees to work half-time for half pay, and he and his partner took 75% salary cuts.
    • People can't live on half pay, so they will be leaving and seeking jobs elsewhere.
    • Several 18th and 19th-century armies and navies placed unemployed officers on half pay as a way of reducing the cost of the active establishment while retaining a nucleus of trained officers.
    • The liquidation at least means the people employed behind the scenes at New Broomfield, who have been working on half pay for the last two years, can now get on with the rest of their lives.
    • The most vulnerable Special Forces troops are those with twenty years service, and thus eligible to retire on half pay.