Traducción de hallway en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhɔlˌweɪ//ˈhɔːlweɪ/


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    • The hallways are deathly silent and the misery is a palpable living thing in the air.
    • Inside a golf bag in a cupboard in the hallway they found hidden three nine ounce bars of the drug.
    • This plant can tolerate neglect and survive in difficult conditions, such as cool rooms and hallways.
    • The children often sat in the hallway of the house with the door open saying hello to people as they went past.
    • The lobby and hallways were just like any normal building, nothing too special.
    • Since they left we have been wiring in the new light fittings for the hallways and getting the second coat of paint on.
    • The light in the hallways isn't working so we walk into the house blindly, up the stairs and into the first bedroom.
    • Late last year we redecorated in short order the kitchen and hallways.
    • After arriving at the relevant office he took a seat in one of the hallways of the White House.
    • The pensioner heard a second man talking to his wife in the hallway and became suspicious.
    • They open the door just halfway, never let you in and say thank you in the hallway.
    • In all schools, hallways were dark and most classrooms were dimly lit in an effort to save energy and money.
    • Some of the residents followed them around while they were caroling through the hallways.
    • Some school officials fear this policy may soon lead to a ban on spelling bees and hanging good work in hallways.
    • My husband was in the garden and I was standing in the hallway when I heard a terrible screech.
    • The house has a living room, a sitting room, a kitchen on the ground floor and a hallway with storage.
    • Visually double the size of your hallway by hanging a large mirror to borrow and bounce light.
    • The buyers reportedly have a large hallway in which to display their new purchase.
    • At the end of the hallway, the soldiers put us in a big room and lock the metal door behind them.
    • Some of the students could not understand why she wanted to put up a memorial tile in the hallway for Dylan.