Traducción de halt en Español:


Pronunciación /hɔlt//hɔːlt/


  • 1

    to come to a halt pararse
    • the car came to a sudden halt el coche se detuvo de repente
    • to bring sth to a halt parar / detener algo
    • When two siren-blaring ambulances screeched to a halt in front of Yashoda Superspecialities Hospitals, passers-by were alarmed.
    • AAF resumed production last week after closing its operation for nine months due to a halt in the supply of gas from the Arun fields.
    • Drainage activities ground almost to a halt as a result of a lack of funds.
    • After a high speed chase lasting several minutes, the car left the road and slid to a halt.
    • A police spokesman said on arrival in Valencia heavily-armed soldiers and police officers surrounded the area, bringing work at the quarries to a halt.
    • While the inauguration of the mall was scheduled for 10.23 a.m., the crowd gathered an hour before bringing traffic movement to a halt.
    • Homebuilding activity, forced to a halt during the war, instead of resuming remained at a standstill.
    • This was necessary, he argues, in part because the physical and cognitive costs of trying to accommodate all the information that was produced would bring the lab to a halt.
    • The Humvee made a hard right and jerked to a halt.
    • On Monday, May 17, the BSE hit the bottom circuit of 10 per cent, twice leading to a halt in trading by three hours.
    • All activity drew to a halt when Mom baked her cheesecake.
    • Eventually, the party derails and Matty crashes to a halt.
    • York motorists were hit with road chaos, as accidents and roadworks brought traffic to a halt, and panic-buying closed a busy petrol station.
    • When a vehicle finally comes to a halt, it does so wherever the driver pleases, like a toddler falling asleep in the middle of the living-room floor.
    • The 2001 U.S. recession brought Mexican growth to a halt, and foreign investors have begun moving production to lower cost locations in Asia.
    • I for one, would love nothing more than a general stoppage which would bring production in the country to a halt!
    • An epiphany strikes me with the magnificent glory of a holy intervention and instantly brings my seizure to a halt.
    • As the breeze passed away, they came to a halt, breathing hard, straining to control the sound of their breathing.
    • But Katrina has forced production in the state to come to a halt.
    • But that is apparently as close as it got before the anomalous signal brought the activities to a halt.
  • 2Britanico

    apeadero masculino
    • Among the victims was the Skipton to Ilkley line and about 80 stations and halts in the Aire and Wharfe valleys and in the Bradford area.
    • There is a new suburban railway line with excellent little halts by Martin Despang, and a new station for intercity ICE trains has been built on the Berlin-Hanover line.
    • In this article Weston Subedge was described as just a halt not a station.
    • A new railway halt, with maybe an extension of the Dart electrification, would provide the necessary fast link to the city centre.
    • There are five halts along the line with an occasional passing loop in the event of more than one train running at the same time.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (vehicle) detenerse formal
    (vehicle) parar
    (person/troops) detenerse formal
    halt! ¡alto!
    • Just as in the case of the failure of deficit spending, more consumption by household will not halt recessionary pressures.
    • Because Clyde can't make it up some hills if he has to halt at certain stop signs, he has already been chastised for coming to a roll-stop by local police.
    • Scorpio Rising is one rollercoaster rise that doesn't end until the album halts to a complete stop.
    • American companies will, in the next few years, come under intense political pressure to halt the loss of jobs to India and China.
    • Quite clearly, there is a job of work to be done in terms of our relationship with Indonesia to in some way check or halt this process.
    • This will include driving at a maximum speed of 30 kilometres an hour and dropping off and picking up passengers only after buses have halted exactly at their stops.
    • Before the flyovers were built, buses would halt at several stops on the road and this was convenient to many who lived or worked around these stops.
    • A last-ditch bid to halt new charges being brought in for a car park at Holland-on-Sea has been thrown out.
    • Then his fluent stride was halted when he broke the cannon bone in his right foreleg.
    • However, the introduction of the euro will halt the practice that grew up under Milosevic regime of uncontrolled money printing, Krgovic said.
    • She had pressed the bell indicating that she wanted the bus to halt at the next stop where she would disembark.
    • Certainly, at both sets of stalls the procession would halt, garlands would be draped over the Brahmins and political candidates, and more coconuts cracked over the rath.
    • The silence was broken as the warder hung the notices, the crowd rushed forward, blocking the road, halting the traffic, and sweeping the police aside.
    • Orkney had protested that the scheme - to halt livestock shipping in winds of force five or more - would disrupt transportation for months.
    • Thailand's Nation mass media group said Tuesday it has been pressured to halt radio and TV broadcasts of political news and commentaries.
    • Once four or five trusses have formed, pinch out the main growing stem to halt the plant's growth.
    • Nobody has ever succeeded in halting the terminal decline.
    • The whispered conversation had halted momentarily upon his abrupt arrival, but began again.
    • As water gushes down, its speed should be checked, slowly halted and made to glide and then its absorption should be facilitated, he says.
    • But the protesters, who are increasingly determined to halt the spread of wind farms, are unconvinced.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (vehicle/troops) detener formal
    (process) atajar
    (process) detener formal
    (work/production) interrumpir