Traducción de halter en Español:


cabestro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɔːltə//ˈhɔltər/


  • 1

    cabestro masculino
    ronzal masculino
    • The whole world needs to get a look at items such as her hand tooled bronc halters and her embellished denim garments.
    • Three months later, his burros, a bridle and halter, and candy wrappers were found in Davis Gulch, an offshoot of Escalante Canyon.
    • Then, when he puts a halter on the horse, he quickly points out to the crowd that if the horse really takes off, any control would be lost in an instant!
    • If I think a horse is going to run so much that he's going to be hard to catch, I may leave the lead rope hooked to his halter.
    • Place the chain over the horse's nose and up the opposite of the halter to keep the halter from slipping around as you work.
    • Did they turn the horse out safely or did they remove the halter and slap the horse on the rump?
    • Ty grabbed MeadowLark's halter and tugged on it.
    • She would also follow him around without a lead line or halter.
    • It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.
    • Gently, she moved Matrix's halter from his head to around his neck so that she would have control even without the bridle on.
    • They start at opposite ends of the line and throw a halter over each animal's head.
    • The soldiers ride bays or chestnuts and use United States Army regulation saddles, saddlecloths, halters, bridles, and curb bits.
    • If you don't use trail bridles, bring a halter and lead rope.
    • You can donate towels, blankets, lead ropes, halters, feed, hay, veterinary equipment, vehicles and trailers.
    • Holding on to the halter around the neck of the cow as he tried to settle the riled up animal, was David, with two puffing dogs at his heels.
    • By pulling on the halter, all your horse can do is run around you in a circle.
    • For over 15 years he made saddlebags, chaps, halters and such and then decided at the age of 51 to try his hand at saddle making.
    • Much of the program is taught to the human and the horse using a rope halter and rope hackamore.
    • A second call for the clowns allowed Chris to strip the horse down to just a halter and a lead rope and mount bareback.
    • Bob calmly grabbed the stallion's halter, led him into the corner of the stall, placed a twitch around his nose and proceeded to treat him.
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    dogal masculino
    soga femenino
    • For which other worse tricks he had not (Archer would not have) escaped the halter (noose), but that (had not) Captain Newport interposed his advice to the contrary – that is that the council should not hang Mr. Archer.
    • And there, made ready for death, with the halter round her neck, she stood upon the fatal ladder in calm serenity, expecting to die.