Traducción de hammerhead en Español:


cabeza de martillo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhaməhɛd//ˈhæmərˌhɛd/


  • 1

    cabeza de martillo femenino
  • 2also hammerhead shark

    pez martillo masculino
    • See her, in Medea, remember the hammerhead shark, play with a cigarette, remind her listeners that their tape is running out, and obsess about another, very different Billie (Holiday).
    • Climate change has pushed up water temperatures, resulting in regular sightings of the smooth hammerhead shark, which is not dangerous to humans.
    • There are four species which concern us, and they are the hammerhead shark, the white shark, the bull whaler shark and the tiger shark.
    • Whales, dolphins, enormous groupers, turtles, whale sharks, manta rays, great whites, hammerheads - they all play a starring role in attracting divers to worldwide destinations.
    • We hooked much bigger fish than we landed and I think sharks are a possibility here, probably hammerheads and sand sharks.