Traducción de hand grenade en Español:

hand grenade

granada (de mano), n.


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    granada (de mano) femenino
    • His blasting powders and fuses were also instrumental in the revival of the hand grenade shortly after his death.
    • A high-school student pulled out a hand grenade and started waving it, and police fired into the air to disperse the crowd.
    • Before me is a tall, heavily built youth in a red sweater, with a hand grenade and a Makarov pistol tucked in his leather belt.
    • Defence Ministry Secretary Austin Fernando claimed that a hand grenade had been set off as the police fired tear gas into the crowd.
    • There are machine-guns, a hand grenade and a bazooka.
    • Army bomb disposal experts were called in after a hand grenade was discovered near Hollymount, off the Lee Road.
    • There is no cradling of the hand grenade in this household, because the hand grenade will look at you like What do you think I am, a baby?
    • Two years ago Valencia's security firm honored her when she detected a toy hand grenade and two weeks later, a loaded handgun.
    • A teenager sparked a major bomb alert after he took a de-activated hand grenade into his school - to use as a prop for a drama lesson.
    • In fact, ever since World War I, the most common type of bomb carried by a person has been the hand grenade.
    • Another example would be the case of a soldier who shields his fellow officers from a live hand grenade by sacrificing his own body to the explosion.
    • He was wounded by a hand grenade and a bullet and still led his unit to capture enemy positions.
    • Witnesses said American soldiers had fired on a crowd after a hand grenade was thrown at them.
    • Police claim they found a rifle, ammunition and a hand grenade on the compound during their search on Thursday.
    • Both of them were cleared of two charges alleging they were in possession of a hand grenade and a revolver.
    • On a counter in the apparent bomb factory were a disassembled hand grenade, rubber gloves and numerous bottles of chemicals.
    • Equipped with sniffer dogs and metal detectors, they found a sniper rifle, a hand grenade and supplies of ammunition.
    • Officers eventually evacuated the building before the bomb squad arrived and removed the hand grenade, carrying out a controlled explosion elsewhere.
    • One unit that had taken this intrusive approach confiscated only an old pistol and one hand grenade after several weeks of work.
    • Of all things that can be used as a paperweight, the hand grenade is a poor choice.