Traducción de handholding en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhændˌhoʊldɪŋ/


  • 1

    (holding of hands)
    they never went beyond handholding nunca fueron más allá de tomarse de la mano
  • 2coloquial

    empujoncito (inicial) masculino coloquial
    empujadita femenino América Latina coloquial
    • Since then, Johnson has also done a good bit of handholding for Valley Center's doctors.
    • This mental effort on the part of the viewer frustrates many people, but Cohen fans appreciate the lack of handholding.
    • And don't come to New York and expect this level of handholding, because it won't exist.
    • As soon as everyone had bought their first cell phone, the partners figured, consumers would need less handholding.
    • We send a volunteer who does some handholding, after which the society becomes strong enough to move forward.
    • They also require a tremendous amount of handholding and attention.
    • The lack of warmth in the Kerzner handholding, is highly unconvincing.
    • That can require some handholding, Chan admits, but it's work that has earned Schwab a loyal customer base.
    • They require serious handholding and that is why the company recently launched its Trusted Advisor Program.
    • It's not exactly rocket science, but newbies sometimes find the process confusing and require some handholding.
    • Many, like him, see students as inadequately prepared, lacking basic writing skills and foundational knowledge, constantly complaining about hard work or boredom, and expecting spoon feeding and handholding.
    • The Sur-Tel account was fine, but they needed the usual client handholding.
    • There is no courting, no sweet talk or handholding.
    • The problem is that the amount of handholding an average end-user needs in buying a computer exceeds the margin you could possibly make on selling it.
    • He spares us any obvious handholding, but it nonetheless becomes clear what Jef is doing and why.
    • If you want a new kind of stealth challenge, this isn't it because there's far too much handholding going on throughout Operation Surma.
    • ‘Early-stage clients tend to be very frenetic and require a ton of handholding,’ he says.
    • But the fact remains that there are still some vulnerable sections of society that need handholding, even to enjoy the fruits of globalisation.
    • They want handholding and financial advice more than ever,’ said Butler.
    • When you're in the trenches, there's no handholding.