Traducción de handler en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhandlə//ˈhændlər/


  • 1

    (animal trainer)
    persona que adiestra o está a cargo de animales
    • There, the dogs are bred and looked after by the handlers who take the dogs in charge of them to their homes.
    • Police dog Chase, who fell four storeys from a hotel roof last fall while doing an explosives search, has made a miraculous recovery despite serious injuries, said his handler and police partner.
    • They are considered vermin here, to the point that a professional bird handler is employed to fly his birds of prey among them on a daily basis.
    • And obviously, the animal handler was there as well.
    • His animal trainers and handlers scrubbed an ordinary gray elephant with white plaster and used peach-colored tint around the animal's ears, trunk and feet.
    • The police dogs' handlers are full members of the Teamsters Union.
    • Habituated lions have been brought up by trained animal handlers.
    • We see various shots and angles: two dogs rearing up, a handler releasing his animal into the ring or a close-up of a child, perhaps averting his eyes from the terrible spectacle.
    • Future research needs to evaluate moving devices and moving techniques to improve welfare and safety for animals and handlers.
    • The animal handler gave it a sharp kick sending it rocketing across the road, but we were told to ignore this test as his interference had invalidated the research data.
    • And it took animal handlers six hours to capture the creature, pictured right.
    • A total of 12 dogs and their handlers represented police forces in the South West and Wales at the regional police dog trials held in Wiltshire at the weekend.
    • The police dog and its handler only found the plaid shirt that is one of the exhibits.
    • Behind him the cage was being opened and animal handlers with restraints moved in.
    • She once evaded a police dog and handler sent to track her.
    • North Vancouver has one of the largest police dog squads on the Lower Mainland, with five handlers and their dogs.
    • And they even come with their own animal handler, free of charge, which should be a great boon.
    • So I'd scope out the competition to see what you're up against first; maybe research animal handlers, pet trainers etc?
    • Apparently the handlers of this tiger charge $5 for a ride on it.
    • We saw people running outside to get all the doors open, and an animal handler came out and said that Roy had been attacked.
  • 2

    (in boxing)
    cuidador masculino
    • Sullivan's handlers warned their man that Kilrain was using a strategy of hanging near the corners so that if Sullivan missed with one of his crushing haymakers he would strike the ring post.
    • Tyson's handlers said later he injured his knee late in the first round.
    • Lets hope his handlers will feed him some bigger game next time up.
    • Tyson's handlers, scouring the globe for a safe opponent, scheduled his next fight on June 11 with club fighter Kevin McBride, the slowest prizefighter in the business.
    • Then, in unbounded joy, he leaped up into the arms of his handlers, who held him aloft while he punched the sky repeatedly, and the building shook.
    • According to Bebe's handlers, the boxer injured his hand while preparing for the fight and the injury was confirmed by a doctor on December 28.
    • I don't know, but I think, as they watched Joe Louis being helped up by his handlers, several of them might have thought they were witnessing something more than a boxing match.
    • Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that Liston's handlers have secretly asked the sparring partners to take it easy on Sonny.
    • He looked fantastic fighting the stiffs his handlers would find for him to build his record on until one day he ran into Juan Carlos Rubio in February of 2002.
    • His handlers tried to encourage him by telling him that the bout was fixed in his favour, but then the word came that it was on the level and would go for 45 rounds if needed.
    • Flores' handlers may hope that it had the desired effect on their fighter, who, after failing to make the weight, needs to lose two pounds.
    • According to his handlers Boy Boy Mazaleni and Phila Mzamo the young boxer complained of a headache at the end of the seventh round.
    • That's why Tyson's handlers signed his next match with Clifford ‘The Black Rhino’ Etienne.
    • He had the potential to be great - but never realized it due to lack of discipline and being manipulated by his handlers.
    • While Mormeck shadow boxed toward the ring, led by a string of handlers all dressed in battle fatigues, the loud speaker pumped runway music for a Victoria Secret show.
    • No way anybody but Foreman, his handlers, and Cosell thought Foreman could win, let alone actually pull it off.
    • So murderous was Funeka's left hook that Mofu was left prostrate on the canvas for some moments as medical personnel and concerned handlers feverishly revived him.
    • As Hagler is paraded around the ring on the shoulders of his handlers, Hearns, broken and weary, is being carried back to his corner by a member of his entourage.
    • He is the kind of opponent that Tyson's handlers wanted to put off as long as possible.
    • His handlers know this, they've always known, which is why he's fighting a cruiser this time out, a move without pride or dignity, a lame effort to perpetuate the myth while angling for a big pay day.
  • 3

    manipulador masculino