Traducción de hang glider en Español:

hang glider

ala delta, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) ala delta femenino
    deslizador masculino México
    • And there was the ultralight, a flimsy little tricycle fitted with a hang-glider's wings and a motor hooked up with a propeller.
    • But even these hang-gliders have to share their airspace.
    • Mostly she asked for ice cream, pulled faces during meetings, or tried to escape using a hang-glider made of post-it notes and paperclips.
    • Tandem hang-gliders soar above schools of dolphin.
    • One interesting sidelight was the parasailing display; you get airborne on a hang-glider towed by a vehicle.
    • After spending countless hours flying hang-gliders, he developed a hunger to create a flying machine that could take off like a plane with wheels or with floats on water in just 25 meters.
    • The man's hang-glider had apparently got out of control.
    • Parked on the other side of the roof was a small hang-glider.
    • Leonardo's inventions - a parachute, hang-glider, tank, underwater diving suit and robot - are built and put to the test for the first time, 500 years after he designed them.
    • The court was told that McGovern was in the process of dismantling his hang-glider when security staff confronted him.
    • We followed the directions, and assembled the hang-gliders as best we could.
    • Imagine a hang-glider suspended over a trike and you're on the right track.
    • In mere seconds, the cape had turned into a hang-glider.
    • Someone may have pitched a minor league no-hitter, climbed a dangerous rocky peak or rode a hang-glider thousands of feet to a valley far below.
    • ‘It is a bike you wear,’ says Bob Vogel, 40, a paraplegic hang-glider pilot who has owned a One-Off for nearly two years.
    • They had not intended to fly the two-seater plane, which experts say resembles a heavy-duty hang-glider with an engine.
    • He deftly navigates the world's meanest island in a hang-glider.
    • Mark W gets his adrenalin fix by jumping off cliffs with his hang-glider, and then realising it's a heck of a long way down.
    • Also in '99, there was a plot regarding an explosive-laden hang-glider.
    • The pair fell off the edge of the Aiguille du Midi, near Chamonix, Switzerland, as they tried to take off in a double-harnessed parapente, a large parachute like a hang-glider.
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    piloto de ala delta femenino
    piloto de deslizador masculino México
    • With the increased use of the Town Park playing fields and the loss of the Valley Floor west of town for political reasons, the festival no longer had a suitable landing zone for hang-gliders.
    • I am busy now trying to get my Sport Pilot Examiner appointment, which could benefit tug pilots and hang-gliders as well.
    • A badly injured hang-glider was airlifted to hospital after crashing on the moorland above Whitworth.
    • Don't fear those bumps in the night - they're the sound of Marenghi's spine-tingler soaring, then crashing to earth like a hang-glider that has collided with a crow.
    • Live from Table Mountain will be travelling the world on air, dropping in at the beach in Sydney, joining the crowds on the Esplanade in Singapore, talking to a hang-glider over Rio, and picking up the gossip in a Nairobi coffee house.
    • Like a hang-glider I dropped over the edge and down into the blue.
    • Well look out onto the lakes, see jet-boats whizzing around; look up at the mountains, see parapenters jumping off everywhere, hang-gliders jumping off.
    • It was like a hang-glider, carried aloft by currents of warm air, coming to believe it could defy gravity forever.
    • Because of its many hills and valleys - the same characteristics that attract hawks and hang-gliders to western Pennsylvania - the state is a major producer of wind power.
    • Sitting on top of Mam Tor after a dusty, sweaty drive through the dales, watching hang-gliders and paragliders swirl beneath us, feeling fresh wind on the back of our necks
    • An accomplished hang-glider, Mallin was once entered into the Guinness Book of Records after flying 132 miles in seven-and-a-half hours.
    • Outside there's an incestuous D' Ove orgy going on in the D' Ovecote, hot air balloons are sailing by, bees and hang-gliders are buzzing around.
    • Probably this book will begin circulating firstly among hang-gliders only, but should probably expand from there and reach the aviation oriented public as well.