Traducción de hapless en Español:


desafortunado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhæpləs//ˈhapləs/


  • 1

    desventurado literario
    • Then when we got there a swarm of locust like marketeers engulfed our hapless family.
    • She refuses, saying she needs to stay with her rather hapless boyfriend.
    • The hapless Sailor briefly stopped the onslaught when he scored three minutes later, but to no avail.
    • It is not merely hapless tourists that are suffering in this unstable climate.
    • A few will have headliner status thrust upon them, as has happened with the hapless Aaron Barschak.
    • Such marriages do not last longer than a year and then the hapless girls return with a child.
    • Remember what Antoine de Boursin did to the hapless employees at Bunsen Burners International?
    • How much compensation was offered to the poor hapless farmers is not a state secret.
    • Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star as two hapless criminals who embark on a land rush on the western frontier.
    • This is the kind of inspired initiative that might have saved hapless Henry but what flag would he have proposed we wave?
    • For the professor, taking care of these hapless children has remained a life long passion.
    • After all, failure to do so could leave them as hapless bystanders in a game of musical chairs which may be nearing its climax.
    • Some went as far as singing besura love songs outside the hapless girl's house.
    • Jeffrey is pretty hapless, and a very funny spoof of an irritating circuit queen.
    • It's unfair to blame the hapless candidate, of course, for her party's shortcomings.
    • The hapless travellers have to part with at least two to three rupees more for want of change.
    • He would then regale his hapless customers with stories of his own daring deeds.
    • To be fair to the hapless reporter, I think he was rather embarrassed about this assignment.
    • Speer is no hapless victim caught in sadistic forces beyond his control.
    • What about his grotesque decision to psychoanalyse his own daughter, the hapless Anna?