Traducción de happy en Español:


feliz, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhæpi//ˈhapi/

adjetivohappiest, happier

  • 1

    (of people)
    • 1.1(joyful, content)

      (home/family/person) feliz
      (smile) de felicidad
      (smile) alegre
      (disposition) alegre
      she's not happy unless she has somebody to shout at si no tiene a quien gritarle, no está contenta
      • I hope you'll both be very happy que seáis muy felices
      • to make sb happy hacer feliz a algn
      • he is happy in his work está contento con su trabajo
      • I'd be happier if you weren't going alone me quedaría más tranquilo si no fueras solo
      • he'll promise them anything just to keep them happy con tal de tenerlos contentos, es capaz de prometerles cualquier cosa
      • as happy as a sandboy/as a lark/as the day (is long)/as Larry contentísimo
      • If my observation serves me right, old folks are generally happy and contented with the way they spend their free time.
      • Many of those families who are in relief camps today were people like us leading happy and contented lives.
      • The feel of the warm moist soil around my roots as they got stronger and ever deeper into the ground made me feel happy and contented.
      • Surely you can't have more than one quiet, smiling, happy and contented day in a row?
      • Having disposed of his family farm he acquired a new home at Lissard where he and his wife were contented and happy.
      • The world is chockful of people who have lived happy, contented lives and who have made a deep impact on the arts.
      • He left the pub happy, full and content in the knowledge that the pub staff had done their best for him.
      • Our son has been attending the Créche for nearly five months and so far he is very happy and content, as indeed we are.
      • I feel very happy and content to be at home in the warm, listening to good music and doing nothing much.
      • She takes with her the good wishes of the community and she is wished a happy and contented retirement in Derrymore.
      • Now is the time to scrap the Trust and get back to clean wards, happy contented staff, striving for high standards and just rewards.
      • It cannot possibly be your fault, in fact, in may be because of you she had a happy and content life.
      • The point is I know two depressed people and I'm finding their intrusions into my happy and contented life to be a bit annoying.
      • A man of the land, he was happy and content in the peace and quiet of this lovely and historic part of County Roscommon.
      • He loved the gardening and spent many happy and very contented hours tending to the flowers and the shrubs and the trees.
      • Delia enjoyed good health up to the last and was always happy and content out and about on the land and taking care of the family home.
      • I can have a quiet beer and look out over an (again hopefully) happy throng and feel content.
      • His father, Phillip, paid him a visit to see how his new life was suiting him and was content that Paul seemed happy.
      • It will be a clear message from Islamabad that it is not happy over the content of talks.
      • I realised that I am actually fairly happy and contented with my life.

    • 1.2(pleased)

      to be happy alegrarse
      • we're so happy you're back nos alegramos tanto / estamos tan contentos de que hayas vuelto
      • I'm so happy for you me alegro mucho por ti
      • he was very happy that you had found a job se alegró mucho de que hubieras encontrado trabajo
      • he was happy to be back home estaba contento de estar de vuelta en casa
      • she'd be only too happy to help ella ayudaría encantada / con mucho gusto

    • 1.3(satisfied)

      to be happy estar contento
      • she's not entirely happy with his work no está del todo contenta con su trabajo
      • some people are happy with anything algunas personas se contentan con cualquier cosa
      • I have been happy with my performance and to be fair the crowd have been good with me.
      • So I am not happy with the size of the squad, but I am certainly happy with the quality of it.
      • We would have been happy with a phasing-in of freedom of contract over three or four years.
      • Though in one case a crew was advising a cox that they were not happy with his performance.
      • I am not overly happy with this recipe, next time I am going to try a different one.
      • If you're happy with the way things are going, don't be afraid to let your feelings be known.
      • Surely to God they have a right to a release date and in a format they are happy with.
      • He'll be driving through the gates at The Belfry a man happy with his lot and his position in the game.
      • Naturally, you return the first one to the shop and tell them that you're just not happy with it.
      • It will definitely take a lot more tweaking to get me completely happy with it.
      • I am very happy with the school and I feel the vitriolic tone of the writing needs comment.
      • Are you happy with the role of these representative groups in the diversity programme?
      • Are you happy with the quality of the policy file that you have seen from Operation Helios?
      • I wasn't too happy with them so I hid them in a paper bag and pushed them to the back side of the picnic table.
      • He has been working at eight other cancer shops in the South West and said he was happy with the results.
      • Tiago struggled to get heat into his tyres; so he is not very happy with his performance.
      • I cannot be happy with my performance because the team as a whole hasn't had results.
      • I then often do about three sketches for each character before I am happy with a final one.
      • The only Millwall people happy with a goalless draw yesterday were the club stewards.
      • If we win it on Sunday it will have been a good season for me but if we lose it then I'm not going to be happy with the season.

    • 1.4British informal (tipsy)

      to be happy estar alegre

  • 2

    (of events)
    • 2.1(giving pleasure)

      (times/occasion/days) feliz
      the happiest days of your life la época más feliz de la vida
      • happy birthday feliz cumpleaños
      • Happy New Year Feliz Año Nuevo

    • 2.2(fortunate)

      (coincidence) feliz
      (position) privilegiado
      (position) afortunado
      • For opportunities appear, at first glance, to have a happy knack of falling into the lap of the third season trainer.
      • When it comes to the real thing however, Rangers have developed a happy knack of hitting the target.
      • Call it a happy knack of being in the right place at the right time.
      • He has a strong personality, continuity of purpose, a mind well stored and a happy knack of communicating it.
      • My second oldest brother, who is nine years older than me, always had the happy knack of being able to bustle me.
      • I thus have been inclined to write off the success of my prediction as just a happy accident.
      • Both these teams have discovered the happy knack of surprising their critics.
      • McDowell has the happy knack of convincing us that all he wants to do with his life is to serve the people.
      • The league has the happy knack of throwing them up so this is as a good a match as any to opt for one.
      • She has the happy knack of making the most mundane report appear interesting.
      • The range in the city is broader than in most places, and the locals seem to have a happy knack with fish dishes particularly.
      • Andrew's always had that happy knack of cutting straight to the chase, delighting and upsetting in roughly equal measures.
      • The Sharks coach is in the happy situation of having a clean injury slate for his teams most important match of the season so far.
      • Munster have the happy knack of bouncing back, of taking defeat and building on it.
      • Sri Lanka find themselves in that happy situation after their innings and 15 run victory at Galle.

    • 2.3formal literary (felicitous)

      (choice/thought/remark) afortunado
      (remark/choice/thought) acertado