Traducción de hard en español:


duro, adj.

Pronunciación: /hɑːd//hɑrd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(firm, solid)

      (object/surface) duro
      to set hard endurecerse
      • to freeze hard helarse
      • When Anna awoke, she found herself back in a side room of the main lab on a rather hard bed.
      • The easiest way to crack it is to wrap it in a grocery bag and drop it on a hard floor.
      • Breathing became difficult, her muscles shook, and she toppled to her knees on the hard floor.
      • Home for them was a cold, damp shed, with a hard concrete floor with little or no bedding.
      • She sat down to the hard floor of the tunnel and sat there, thinking about what to do.
      • Don't worry about the pears being a bit hard - they'll ripen in seconds on the grill.
      • After all, it takes a certain commitment to pay high prices for a hard seat in a draughty theatre.
      • Wes awoke with a start when he felt something hard whack him in the stomach.
      • Boots thudded on the hard floor as the man wearing them looked into each of the cells.
      • At the time, I was on my feet all day at work on a very cold, hard concrete floor.
      • The cold weather had made the ground solid and too hard for the dirt to trap footprints.
      • He handed it to Vicky who found it unexpectedly light, it looked so ornate and delicate but felt solid and hard.
      • The floor is hard, but cool and somehow the food tastes better and the conversation is lighter.
      • The pathways break down when it loses the natural, hard compact soil which keeps the path together.
      • He takes a step before his eyes suddenly roll back in his head and he collapses on the hard floor.
      • This method can produce a wide range of products, from oily coatings to hard coatings and powders.
      • My youngest daughter fell out of her high chair on to a hard floor.
      • I lay on my back on the hard floor, moving my bag up underneath my head for a bit of comfort.
      • The volunteers used to sleep a dozen to a room on thin pallets laid out on the hard floor of their offices.
      • Outside the night was cool and fresh, but the ground was hard and still the rains had not come.
      • Her body lay flat against the hard mattress she had been lying in for little over a week.
      • Now he lay on the hard mattress of a cheap hotel, staring at the empty space next to him.
      • Make sure there are no sharp corners or hard edges where she could hurt herself.
      • I lay splayed out, face down on the hard floor for a minute or two, paralysed by embarrassment and surprise.
      • Some skaters prefer this for the tiny increase in control you get with very hard carbon fibre skate boots.
      • We finally dumped our bags on the floor and collapsed on the rock hard beds in silence.
      • Having made his decision, Brett turned over on the uncomfortable, hard floor, satisfied.
      • Some may insist you sleep on mats on hard floors to straighten out the spine, but they are in a minority.

    • 1.2(forceful)

      (knock/push) fuerte
      • The attack involved several hard blows to the side of the head and being punched in the face, according to Mr Dixon.
      • He reached for the knife from his father's wooden box and struck two hard blows into his stomach.
      • The next hard blow to the head could be fatal, they said, and he must not fight again.
      • Daryl immediately released her and stepped back like he had received a hard blow in the chest.
      • If he does anything tricky just give him a good hard whack with these here gauntlets.
      • He gave Tyler a rather hard slap on the back that made him nearly fall over the counter.
      • Danny had forced a hard kiss onto her roughly and now, he was standing there shocked.
      • It then made several very long hard runs forcing me to give line and then play it back.
      • Buddy cuffed Roy on the head, slapped a small shovel in his hands, and gave him a hard shove.
      • He said softly while he caressed the side of my face that was still hurting from his hard blow.
      • Not once did the woman utter a sound, any cry of pain, she simply stood there, flinching when a hard blow came down on her.
      • Josh ran over to Alex who had just given me a really hard blow to the cheek bone.
      • As he was doing so he felt a hard blow to the side of his face and then another to the top of his head, he told the court.
      • The police asked me if the child had fallen or received a hard blow to the injured area of her head.
      • We chose to sit on a comfortable settee rather than on hard chairs or impractical looking stools.
      • I had grown angry and pursued him in a fit of fury when he had rejoined his family and given him a hard blow to his head, that is for a two year old.
      • He had reluctantly left, returned and then hit Mohammed Akbar a hard blow on the head with a baseball bat.
      • Ichiru choked for a second, and Watz gave him a hard whack on his back before it would go down.

  • 2

    • 2.1(difficult)

      (subject/question) difícil
      (task) arduo
      our prices are hard to beat nuestros precios son imbatibles
      • such documents are hard to come by esos documentos son difíciles de conseguir
      • he's hard to please es difícil de complacer
      • you'll have a hard time / job explaining that to her te costará explicárselo
      • it's hard for them to adapt les cuesta adaptarse
      • I find that hard to believe me cuesta creerlo
      • to learn sth the hard way aprender algo a fuerza de palos / golpes
      • She also said the uncertainty of the past week had been very hard to deal with.
      • However, all the hard work is still to come when we fully open to the public.
      • Quite what effect his outbursts are having on his daughter is hard to imagine.
      • People say that it takes ten years of hard study to prepare for a career and love.
      • A team-builder, he has a huge appetite for hard work, but can always break off for a laugh or a joke
      • She still found it hard to believe that he had survived the fire with just a small amount of injuries.
      • In order to be successful with your career or your hobby, you have to put a lot of effort and hard work into it.
      • It's a body of thinking and writing whose limits are exceedingly hard to define.
      • It was hard to resist the temptation to eat the oranges as fast as we picked them.
      • Searching for new wrecks requires patience and sometimes hard choices.
      • Now that the damage is setting in, she tires easily and finds it hard to fight off common infections.
      • I find this very hard to answer and the reason is that almost anything is possible now.
      • To be a successful President is hard enough without having to spend the majority of the year playing catch up.
      • Sorting out serious debt can be a long hard slog and their support is often invaluable.
      • Looking at Julia as she cuddles her beautiful young daughter, it's hard to believe how different life used to be.
      • So looking at the big picture, it is hard to see why prices should rise at all.
      • It is not only hard physical work that makes people exhausted, stress has a similar effect.
      • It takes determination, overtime and hard graft, but there is nothing like starting your own business.
      • I think if someone has never experienced depression or that depth of emotional despair it can be hard to comprehend.
      • The planting involved a great deal of hard work from our volunteers.

    • 2.2(severe)

      (judge/master/climate/winter) duro
      (judge/master/climate/winter) severo
      times are very hard for small businessmen corren muy malos tiempos para los pequeños comerciantes
      • he had a hard time in the army lo pasó mal en el ejército
      • to give sb a hard time hacérselas pasar mal a algn
      • to be hard on sb/sth
      • don't be too hard on him no seas demasiado duro con él
      • it's hard on her to have to walk so far tener que ir tan lejos a pie es duro para ella
      • he's hard on his shoes no le duran nada los zapatos
      • If the concrete has not set and the rain is hard or the slope is steep, nobody will be happy.
      • Gilbert is a hard taskmaster, but Murray certainly knew that before they got together.
      • Taylor considers himself to be something of a hard taskmaster but he has been delighted with the response of his players.
      • She snatched the boy by his collar on his tunic, and half-dragged him the rest of the way up the hill, her face hard.
      • Those words may have to console the goalkeeper through a long, hard winter.
      • They say the crows nested twice this year as there will be no food to feed the young next spring due to the hard weather.
      • That's far too organised and impractical for us, though, as we have a long hard winter to get through.
      • I could hear debris hitting the house and the rain was so hard I was sure we were in for a flood.
      • This can mean the difference between life and death during a hard winter.
      • But there are two things that should be pointed out to those who really know about hard winters.
      • His voice was hard and harsh, strict and stern.
      • Experts at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh had been fearing a hard winter.
      • It could be a long, hard winter for people who rely on home heating oil to stay warm.
      • If the rains are too hard, young plants and seedlings can be washed away.
      • He is said by colleagues to be a hard taskmaster who does not tolerate failure.
      • Not only is it a hard taskmaster, insatiable in the demands it makes on its followers, it often saves the best till last.
      • He has been portrayed in some quarters as a hard taskmaster who doesn't suffer fools gladly.
      • Certainly the winters can be hard - but by all accounts not as bad as in the old days!
      • Two rhododendrons were about to bloom in the governor's garden, which looked as if it had survived a hard winter.
      • A hard rain while the vines are flowering will knock the blooms off the plant and reduce the size of the crop.
      • After a very hard winter with huge amounts of snow the season had been expected to get under way later than usual.
      • Eiswein is made from grapes left on the vines until the first hard frost of winter.
      • During the first hard winters, the more delicate settlers had a smaller chance of staying alive.
      • It is a time characterised by a lack of vitamins in the human body after a hard winter.
      • Many liken him to a stern Victorian mill owner but there is a soft centre lurking within the hard exterior.
      • All the bees had died and I had to build it up from scratch from one queen that survived a hard winter.
      • He seemed a hard taskmaster, but he did it all for what he saw to be the ultimate good.
      • They grow big and can often be caught in all weathers, even in hard winter conditions.
      • In times gone by, a big year for berries was regarded as an indicator of a hard winter ahead but this it is not always the case.

    • 2.3(tough, cynical)

      (attitude/person) duro
      (person/attitude) insensible
      • You want to know what his hard men who had done well out of Napoleon and the Bourbon Restoration might look like?
      • His detractors lead one to imagine Mr Carey to be the archetypal cigar-chewing hard man in a sheepskin coat.
      • He's obviously no pushover, but I think he probably needs someone to be the hard man at his side.
      • I used to be removed from the house because I looked like a hard man whereas my wife was educated.
      • Three nights in Florence and I'd become a softy and I was scared of these Southern hard men.
      • He was a member of the Cadet Force and rose to the rank of sergeant with a reputation as being a hard man.
      • We have hard men on our team who will always go for the ball.
      • She is forced to be hard and stick to her decisions, but she is always fair.
      • Vince is a hard player, a good talker, and unlike most good talkers, is a most positive doer.
      • He also recently traded in his harmonica for a role as a hard man in a television drama.
      • If he played on the right he came up against notorious hard man Tommy Banks.
      • If you look at the nature of people involved in gangs in Scotland, a lot of them would be regarded as being very hard people.
      • As I was serving the buffet the midfield hard man asked me to put Ceefax on the telly so he could see what the Scotland score was.
      • They elected the hard man, the sheriff who would give them the best protection.
      • Too many times midfielders, the ultimate hard men on the pitch, were knocked off the ball.
      • Many a coach must have asked their resident hard man to successfully confront Johnson, but none have managed it.
      • What a pity it would be if the Australian debacle was to bring the hard man back to centre stage again.
      • This one-time military hard man has, he admits, grown attached to his home comforts.
      • Just a sniff of weakness and these hard men will grab the opportunity with both hands.
      • Aaron plays the lead role as a hard man who runs a garage with two friends.
      • He's a hard man, unafraid of any opposition, and he gets other people working well and riled up.

  • 3

    • 3.1(concentrated, strenuous)

      we need to do some hard talking to sort this matter out tenemos que hablar muy seriamente para resolver este asunto
      • to take a long hard look at sth analizar seriamente algo
      • children are very hard work at that age los niños dan mucho trabajo a esa edad
      • it's hard work getting him to do anything cuesta conseguir que haga algo

    • 3.2(energetic)

      he's a hard worker/fighter es muy trabajador/luchador
      • a hard drinker un gran tomador

  • 4

    (evidence) concluyente
    hard news noticias concretas femenino
    • But there is no hard evidence that he ever met Richard, let alone searched for him across Europe.
    • The kinds of stories that go on the front page of newspapers are hard news.
    • I, for one, would need a lot more hard information before I could make my mind up about it.
    • Of course, the papers were rife with opinion and speculation but cold hard facts were thin on the ground.
    • We pointed out that this did not amount to hard evidence and that there could be other explanations for what we saw.
    • Nevertheless, hard proof that he ordered the hijackings may never come to light.
    • The officer added that it was difficult for the police to name suspects now due to lack of hard evidence.
    • They both treated it in a clinical way, making sure to get the cold, hard facts reported.
    • But you really need to have hard proof of some sort if you wanted those theories to stick.
    • It is only a failure if we think that individuals should be detained on mere assertions and not on hard proof.
    • There were constant rumours of further waves but there was no hard information as we had no radio or TV.
    • He urged investors to make their decisions based on hard information and not rumors.
    • But there appears to be little hard evidence of pupils failing to turn up for the second paper.
    • I think the time has come to stop playing around and to seek out some hard information.
    • They realised we had hard evidence on what was happening and they promised to cooperate.
    • You couldn't actually put any real hard facts in this article could you?
    • When and how will they begin to retract their unambiguous presentation of the story as hard news?
    • Yet today those interest rate cuts were interpreted as hard proof that things must be bad.
    • It takes a special kind of mindset to be this delusional in the face of cold, hard facts.
    • There is also no hard evidence to suggest that the UK economy will suffer because of a future skills shortage.
  • 5

    (sharp, harsh)
    (outline/angle) pronunciado
    (light/voice) fuerte
    (features/expression) duro
    • We drive for a while and suddenly there is a loud, hard noise, and people run in all directions.
    • The house is cold and the car is cold and everything is cold, bright, hard and vacant.
    • The church basement is cold and hard morning light breaks through high windows.
    • Then there you are in the broken temple on top, in the hard sunshine, looking down on the world.
    • Looking out over this parched, shimmering landscape in the cold hard light of morning it's a miracle that anything survives here at all.
  • 6

    • 6.1(in strongest forms)

      a drop of the hard stuff un traguito de algo fuerte
      • hard porn porno duro

    • 6.2

      (water) duro
      • The dissolved salts in hard water have a similar effect, so soft water is advised.
      • However, the water was so hard that it could be used only for washing and cleaning purposes.
      • Hard water is not a health hazard, but dealing with hard water in the home can be a nuisance.
      • Moving from house to house to house, from area to area, I noticed how hard water and soft water affect the skin on my face.
      • I live in a hard water area and am concerned about the build-up of scale in the central heating system.

    • 6.3Lingüística

      (consonant/sound) fuerte
      • Even their name has no hard consonant sounds.
      • Have you ever noticed how all the truly bigoted expressions are blessed with hard consonants?
      • Of course I knew the title of the anthem, but I have never been able to pronounce it: too many hard consonants in succession for my Latin vocal cords.
      • The shorter word with a hard consonant at it's face seemed most fitting.
      • Consonants are hard unless they are followed by a soft vowel.

    • 6.4Física

      (radiation/gamma ray) duro
      • While travelling through a medium, hard radiation produces charged particles.
      • There's no air, there's hard radiation, there's poison in the ground below you and of course, it's between 100 and 150 degrees below in centigrade.
      • I would think you'd need hard radiation to initiate the cascade, but that the decay product would be softer.

  • 7

    the hard left/right la izquierda/derecha dura


  • 1

    (with force)
    (push/pull) con fuerza
    I hit her hard le pegué fuerte
    • you have to slam the door hard tienes que dar un portazo fuerte
    • she kept her foot hard down on the accelerator siguió pisando con fuerza el acelerador
    • I threw the ball as hard as I could tiré la pelota con todas mis fuerzas
  • 2

    (work) mucho
    (work) duro
    (work) duramente
    (run) mucho
    I was hard at work estaba concentrado en mi trabajo
    • he works his students very hard les exige mucho a sus alumnos
    • we've been saving hard for the trip hemos estado ahorrando mucho para el viaje
    • no matter how hard I try por más que me esfuerzo
    • I think you're trying too hard creo que te lo tienes que tomar con más calma
    • if you wish for it hard enough, it will come true si lo deseas con todas tus fuerzas, se hará realidad
    • think hard before you decide piénsalo muy bien antes de decidir
    • I'd think very hard before committing myself (me) lo pensaría dos veces antes de comprometerme
    • to be hard put / pushed to + inf
    • you'd be hard put (to it) to find a better doctor sería difícil encontrar un médico mejor
    • I'd be hard put to remember their names me pondrías en un aprieto si me preguntaras cómo se llaman
  • 3

    (listen) atentamente
    (listen) con atención
    we'll have to look hard at their proposals tendremos que estudiar seriamente sus propuestas
  • 4

    (snow/rain) fuerte
    (rain/snow) mucho
    (breathe/pant) pesadamente
    she's been hitting the bottle pretty hard le ha estado dando duro al trago coloquial
  • 5

    the southern states have been hardest hit los estados del sur han sido los más afectados
    • her death hit him very hard su muerte lo afectó muchísimo / fue un duro golpe para él
    • to take sth hard tomarse algo muy mal
    • to be/feel hard done by
    • she thinks she has been / she feels hard done by piensa que la han tratado injustamente
  • 6

    (in directions)
    hard to port/starboard completamente a babor/estribor
    • to turn hard left girar / doblar a la izquierda en un ángulo cerrado
  • 7

    hard by muy cerca de aquí