Traducción de hard-hearted en Español:


duro de corazón, adj.

Pronunciación /hɑrdˈhɑrdəd//ˌhɑːdˈhɑːtɪd/


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    duro de corazón
    • Next a particular type of hard-hearted indifference is growing in this concrete jungle - people who have been living next door for years are found to be complete strangers.
    • I don't care whether Shannon is Claire's sister; she is the coldest, most hard-hearted, grumpy person I have ever met.
    • He is often described as ‘avuncular’ - even by hard-hearted business writers - which the dictionary defines as ‘kind-hearted and cheery’.
    • There is something cold-blooded and hard-hearted about so much mainstream news reporting.
    • It's hard to believe, but there are many hard-hearted people out there who believe that, due to Terri's condition, she is ‘better off dead.’
    • It is not seen as a tradition, but as a hard-hearted, brutal sport.
    • We should not be surprised as this is a cold, calculating, hard-hearted Government, one that is wedded to expediency.
    • As a consequence of this, I have become very hard-hearted and cold towards people.
    • Memorable too were actor Liu Yilong as the hilarious Taoist nun Stone; and Ji Zhenhua as the imperious, crafty and hard-hearted governor Du Bao (who refuses to accept his resurrected daughter).
    • Then, suddenly, the house turned itself into a Richard Curtis film - the one in which all those hard-hearted world leaders listen to a young wee Scots lassie who tells them that, yes, they can make poverty history, now!
    • Cameron was a hard-hearted, cold individual who'd decided he didn't like Kate.
    • Lady, surely you are not so cruel and hard-hearted that you would simply kill us after all?
    • It takes a hard-hearted politician not to think that that is a good move.
    • But as long as the community has a clear idea of where it wants to go and doesn't just sit back and accept the money, then you have to be especially hard-hearted not to assist them.
    • Maybe so, but George W. Bush - and Ronald Reagan before him - made warm-hearted arguments for policies that Americans might otherwise have rejected as hard-hearted.
    • Peter Costello has a lot of work to do to overcome the perception that he's a cold, distant, hard-hearted, city-centric economist.
    • Concept albums explore the despair of failed relationships, painstakingly removing the instruments of de-humanization from the hard-hearted ex-girlfriend's toolbox and examining them one by one.
    • People around thought he was cruel, unfeeling, hard-hearted.
    • She has said: ‘I found myself thinking: why is he so hard-hearted, so dogmatic, so lacking in kindness?’
    • And isn't putting a trader out of business for the sake of appearances - even if it is only part of the reason - hard-hearted and unwise when, these days, many markets are struggling to keep the ones they've got?