Traducción de hard-working en Español:


trabajador, adj.

Pronunciación /hɑrd ˈwərkɪŋ//ˌhɑːdˈwəːkɪŋ/


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    • In other words, us hard-working men are paying to keep this network in operation.
    • He was a conscientious and hard-working man who always liked to see a job well done.
    • He was a nice, hard-working boy who would do anything you asked of him.
    • But most mums are hard-working individuals and not lazy as Ms Causnett implies.
    • He knows I'm hard-working, conscientious and can get the right response from players.
    • The other qualities I bring include being a very committed and hard-working person.
    • He was a hard-working man who had a good rapport with people and who got on well with friends and neighbours.
    • He is a decent, honest, hard-working politician - some would say too nice to do the tough job he's now in.
    • The majority of farmers are good, honest, hard-working people, and farming is bouncing back.
    • He said it was sad for the victim he had abused and it was sad for Benson who had previously been a hard-working man of good character.
    • He's a decent, hard-working guy who's still got that riotous honky cat spirit lurking in his diva soul.
    • He was a good natured, hard-working gentleman who had an earthy presence and a warm welcome for all.
    • Ume, a business student at Salford University, said he was a hard-working man who lived for his family.
    • Out of this came an urge to do something for the landless but hard-working people of his community.
    • I am hard-working, conscientious, honest and have a lifetime of experience to offer.
    • An enthusiastic and hard-working soldier has been banned from the road after drinking and driving.
    • His 80-year-old mother Irene said her son was a hard-working man and a lovely child.
    • I'm a hard-working lad and if you can get back to the point where you are a better person than you were, that's a great feeling.
    • I believe in my heart that I am one of the most faithful and hard-working members of our group.
    • He was a quiet, hard-working lad, who was just obsessed with cars and was forever going on about getting one of his own.