Traducción de hard cash en Español:

hard cash

dinero contante y sonante, n.


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    dinero contante y sonante masculino
    efectivo masculino
    • Alternatively, instead of parting with hard cash, how about handing over some of your red stuff?
    • In an uncertain world, many investors look to dividends - payouts in hard cash - to justify their decision to hold shares.
    • This will be credited as my investment in the company as opposed to putting in hard cash into Bordier [Bank].
    • Does having people in the pews outweigh the benefits of more cold, hard cash?
    • The full cost of such interventionism must include the workers who are now denied opportunities, as well as hard cash, for their work.
    • One big reason for keeping good relations with Beijing is hard cash.
    • This communist regime will do anything to get its hands on hard cash and to maintain its totalitarian rule.
    • In terms of physical outlay of hard cash however, you are likely to spend a lot more if you own your home, especially in the early years.
    • As this is a closed currency no hard cash can be taken in or out of the country.
    • Chrysler would pay off the public's note with the hard cash earned by innovation.
    • They're worried about the logistics - and especially about how it will translate into hard cash.
    • Since then he has shown a remarkable ability to turn just about any raw material he extracts from the earth into hard cash.
    • The day when their paymasters would have to pony up hard cash and earnings to fill the growing hole was again postponed.
    • Most of our financial transactions these days don't even involve hard cash, but are digits in a database.
    • Concentrate on companies that can grow their sales as well converting their sales growth into cold, hard cash.
    • While the lure of cold, hard cash is definitely driving customers to the site, not everyone is in it for the money.
    • Better still, he sold for hard cash some of the assets he had bought for paper.
    • Black's dealings with Inside Soccer have also opened his eyes further to the other shortfall on the balance sheet, that of hard cash.
    • I guess I never treated the credit card as hard cash and therefore I found it easier to justify and carry on spending.
    • Saifee offers the safe custody for their money and in turn gets enough hard cash to take care of his daily turn over needs.