Traducción de hard labor en Español:

hard labor

trabajos forzados, n.

(British hard labour)


  • 1

    trabajos forzados masculino
    he was sentenced to four years at hard labor / (British) four years hard labor lo condenaron a cuatro años de trabajos forzados
    • Publicly reviled, convicted of sodomy, he was sentenced to two years' hard labour in Reading gaol.
    • They may be classified in a number of categories descending from ‘free exile’ to penal sentences with hard labour.
    • His punishment includes hard labor in the field and mortality.
    • Sentenced to hard labor, most of Angola's lifers work in the fields abutting the Mississippi.
    • The new rules will remove outdated references to penal servitude and imprisonment with hard labour.
    • He spent nearly three years in prison, sometimes in solitary confinement, sometimes doing hard labour.
    • Hannah received no punishment and Rachael received two years hard labor in Mount Pleasant prison.
    • The punishment is one years hard labour in an Alabama jail.
    • The governor recommended that prisoners who could not be sentenced to hard labor should be paroled.
    • He was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.
    • Given an outstanding sentence for twenty-two years of hard labor, he's not been back.
    • He was sentenced to fifteen years' imprisonment with hard labour and ten strokes of the tamarind birch.
    • If found guilty they should face the death penalty, in those countries which have it, or life imprisonment with hard labour elsewhere.
    • Max Stuart spent more than 15 years in Yatala prison with hard labor after his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.
    • But after two years hard labour and solitary confinement at the foot of the Third Division, Todd clings to the belief that the parole date is looming.
    • Men who failed to enlist, to attend a medical examination, or to serve in the armed services faced a maximum penalty of six months' imprisonment with hard labour.
    • However, 23 were sentenced to prison terms, including hard labour for between one and five years.
    • Soon we shall be asked, perhaps, to respond to a referendum suggesting the return of hard labour in our prisons.
    • Max Stuart's death penalty was later commuted to many years of hard labor in Yatala prison.
    • Xhemil Tamani spent five years in prison doing hard labor.