Traducción de hard sell en Español:

hard sell


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    the hard sell la venta agresiva
    • to give sth the hard sell hacer una promoción agresiva de algo
    • he really gave me the hard sell realmente me presionó para que comprara
    • before noun hard sell approach táctica de venta agresiva
    • Cannes is also about the hard sell, with many films screening in the market place in search of foreign sales and domestic distribution.
    • Some physicians are also getting sick and tired of the hard sell.
    • Maybe, because this was a worthy cause and one people were very concerned about, I wouldn't have to make the hard sell.
    • It seems too many Web sites can't keep the hard sell out of their chat rooms.
    • Many of the tax benefits of variable annuities no longer exist, but the hard sell continues
    • However, the hard sell was not quite over just yet.
    • Persuading firms to advertise is a hard sell right now, but the Scottish market may have escaped the worst, reports Darran Gardner
    • There has been a good number of people selling items door to door recently, some using the hard sell approach.
    • I've never been given the hard sell about how it's the ultimate in fighting techniques.
    • She claimed to have experienced a hard sell of payment protection policies.
    • The trouble is we live in a society where, for reasons I don't quite understand, not only do we want to keep up with the Joneses but we quite often succumb to the hard sell.
    • But with all the hype and the hard sell, this town that loves to gossip is keeping its secrets with Sunday's Oscars just days away.
    • After more than 40 years in the retailing game Westfield knows something about the hard sell.
    • Ocado's style is so much the opposite of the hard sell that, bar a single Santa Coca-Cola advert, its site has still not sprouted so much as a sprig of holly.
    • Ricky thinks Lucy can't resist the siren song of the sales pitch, but he proves equally unable to avoid the hard sell.
    • There is a newfound chic and glamour about this age-old medicinal system, thanks to the hard sell strategies of Ayurveda tourism.
    • Resist the hard sell from your travel agent or tour operator - prices can be up to 75% more expensive.
    • But she isn't really the sort to give a movie the hard sell.
    • Above all, resist the hard sell by your travel agent.
    • He believes that education should concentrate on creative thinking rather than solely getting to grips with the hard sell of the commercial world.