Traducción de hardwood en Español:


madera dura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɑrdˌwʊd//ˈhɑːdwʊd/


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    madera dura femenino
    madera noble femenino
    hardwood tree árbol de madera dura / noble masculino
    • Although nitrification was detected for at least one time period in all sites, substantial nitrification occurred only in the hardwood cultivated sites.
    • Ten plots each were placed in bottomland hardwood, upland hardwood, and stands clearcut in 1993.
    • Indonesia banned in 2001 the sale of ramin, a blond tropical hardwood, and registered it under CITES Appendix 3 to curb the illegal trade.
    • Most conifers and a few hardwoods, such as sweetgum and tuliptree, have excurrent forms.
    • Its highest peak scrapes 8,749 feet into the Chihuahuan Desert sky and snags 21 inches of rain a year, enough to nourish these unlikely forests of firs and hardwoods.
    • Bangalore's Conservator of Forests V. Rangaswamy says Mahogany are hardwood trees and deep-rooted and hence, they withstand the strongest winds.
    • Over the years plantations have been established in areas that were once covered in indigenous hardwood like yellow wood, ironwood and red pear trees.
    • Modern Metasequoia has relatively low-density wood compared with other temperate conifer and hardwood species.
    • Resident species that we expected to forage preferentially on either longleaf pines or hardwoods during the breeding season continued to do so during the winter.
    • Two years postburn, we found a significant reduction in subcanopy cover of oaks (but not of other subcanopy hardwoods) and in the shrub cover of scrubby oaks, other hardwoods and palmettos.
    • Lime trees are a hardwood tree, and limewood's particular structural character lends itself well to carving, allowing tools to be used both along the grain and to some extent axially.
    • These two species survive as relict populations in the mountains of eastern Mexico, sometimes in high elevation conifer stands but also in stands at mid-elevation that include hardwood trees.
    • Testing of the fungus on several economically important hardwood and softwood trees showed no harmful effects.
    • On an exceptionally warm fall day, my wife and I went for a walk at a nature preserve, a mixed area of open sphagnum bogs and glacially derived sand dunes, now overgrown with white pine and hardwoods.
    • Since plant communities could influence soil processes, the plots were stratified into two broad vegetation classes: conifer and hardwood.
    • Increasingly, all PEI contractors are moving into mixed hardwood / softwood stands as the old field white spruce stands become scarcer.
    • Carved from a dense forest of hardwoods and pines in the southwest Richmond, Va., suburb of Manakin-Sabot, most of Kinloch's holes are unusually broad.
    • The Embera Indians produce basketry of very high quality, as well as wood carvings in tropical hardwoods.
    • The breadfruit trees, cycads and tall hardwoods of that forest hide hornbills, sea eagles and monkeys.
    • In Washington, they use three main types of habitat: forested riversides with large cottonwoods and other hardwoods, Ponderosa pine forests, especially at the lower edge of the tree line, and Garry oak stands.