Traducción de hardy en Español:


fuerte, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhɑːdi//ˈhɑrdi/

adjetivohardier, hardiest

  • 1

    (person/animal) fuerte
    (plant) (a las heladas etc) resistente
    hardy annual/perennial planta anual/vivaz / perenne resistente a las heladas femenino
    • now we turn to that hardy perennial of … ahora pasamos a la vieja historia / el eterno problema de …
    • Ah, well I'm particularly interested in your range of hardy Geraniums.
    • With their diet of oats and their outfits - kilts with no underpants - Scots were once considered a hardy lot.
    • This hardy shrub grows well in shade as well as sun and tolerates almost every soil type.
    • Both sides defied the terrible conditions to turn in an entertaining display in front of the hardy few hundred who braved the elements.
    • The traditional cattle are hardy breeds which can cope with the tough upland climate.
    • He said the usual prognosis for such surgery is normally poor but Might And Power's hardy nature is in his favour.
    • If a plant is rated as hardy to zone 2 we know how low a temperature plunge that plant is likely to survive.
    • These most hardy of people have a highly advanced knowledge of their environment.
    • The hazards of life in a border area are many… the land makes its people hardy.
    • The famous hardy and sure-footed Basotho ponies can take visitors into areas not accessible by road.
    • However, there is no time for complacency as the frosts will eventually reach these areas and kill off anything that isn't hardy.
    • This breed is hardy and simple grooming will keep its beautiful appearance shown to best advantage.
    • Everyone seems oblivious to the rain falling from a worryingly thunderous sky, a mere inconvenience to this hardy bunch.
    • A gardening neighbor had a small cold frame in which she grew hardy flowers for early and late blooms.
    • It's a good time to plant holly and yew as well as hardy ferns.
    • For a start, hardy breeds like Herdwicks don't have as many lambs as their lowland counterparts.
    • The fuchsia isn't necessarily hardy but it has survived one winter outside and in a sheltered spot near a house wall it may well cope again.
    • Most hardy pond plants need to be lowered to the deep part of the pond to avoid being frozen out.
    • Even the hardy Scandinavians on the tour are in woollies and thick socks.
    • Non-invasive and hardy, it will grow to 15 feet if fed and watered well.
    • For the 700 or so hardy souls who live here, supplies of food, drink and clothing can, at times, seem unreliable.
    • Most species are so extremely winter hardy and easy to grow that no garden should be without them.
    • If you don't know whether or not your roses are winter hardy, err on the side of caution and protect them.
    • The timing of growth cessation is an important adaptation to ensure that the tree is hardy for winter.
    • Stephen proved a little more hardy than his hunky doctor character, who in the TV programme fainted at the sight of his own blood.
    • They are also completely winter hardy and have an excellent ability to survive floods and drought.
    • Former railway goods yard now garden featuring new woodland garden with many hardy ferns.
    • Many summer-flowering lily varieties are quite hardy and can be planted in either fall or spring.
    • Outdoors, sow cold hardy crops like lettuce, spinach, other leafy greens and peas.
    • Those that are not winter hardy are the bulbs that are planted in spring.
    • Liverpool supporters insist their team will Never Walk Alone and nor will a group of hardy Hartlepool fans next week.
    • The mountainous region around the small Corsican town of Bastilyica breeds a hardy, proud people.
    • The giant peaks of the Grampians attract hardy walkers like magnets, and who can blame them with such magnificent hills to climb?
    • Although the tubers themselves are winter hardy, a mulch layer is highly recommended.
    • Richards has jokingly suggested that he comes from hardy stock which can withstand things that would kill the average person.
    • The vegetation is certainly hardy, it has to be, and there is the expectation of winter rainfalls.
    • The walkers are a hardy community though and gather by 4 am to do their brisk rounds.
    • The hallikara is known to be a hardy breed suited to the needs of dry land farming.
    • However, some mass marketers have trees and shrubs that are not winter hardy in the area sold.
    • The infrastructure to combat hardy weather conditions was carefully put into force here.