Traducción de hare en Español:


liebre, n.

Pronunciación /hɛː//hɛr/


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    liebre femenino
    (as) mad as a March hare más loco que una cabra coloquial
    • to raise / start a hare irse por las ramas
    • to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds servir a Dios y al diablo
    • Woodpigeons are attacking what is left of the cabbage and sprout crops and damage by rabbits and hares has been reported to apple trees in the area.
    • European game animals include various deer, wild boar, hare, and rabbit.
    • The recent Burns Report into hunting concluded that hunting with dogs ‘seriously compromised the welfare’ of foxes, deer, hares and mink.
    • All young broadleaf sites should be adequately fenced with rabbit wire to prevent damage from rabbits and hares.
    • As any schoolchild knows, hares don't live down burrows, rabbits do; hares live above ground at all times.
    • Wildlife, particularly rabbits and hares, act as reservoirs of disease.
    • We who hunted rabbits, hares, pigeons and pheasants as part of our wintry routine were certainly aware of the mad March hare days.
    • Moors and heaths would have supported populations of wild horses and cattle, hares, wild goats and smaller creatures like voles, snakes and lizards.
    • Animals such as deer, boar, hares and rabbits lived in woodland surrounding most villages.
    • Other causes of damage in young trees can be grazing by animals such as hare and rabbits and trespass by cattle or sheep.
    • The reserve is also home to mountain reedbucks, common duikers, hares, guinea fowl and butterflies.
    • In a peak year for hares, the hares edged out the voles as a source of meat for both adult owls and their owlets.
    • Deer, hares, rabbits, mice, rats, pigeons, crows and many insects have to be ‘controlled’ in order for these crops to thrive.
    • Rabbits and hares are a universal pest, particularly while vineyards are being established.
    • Three species of hares are native to California, the snowshoe, black-tailed, and white-tailed.
    • Most hunts say there are enough options open to them within the legislation to allow foxes, hares and deer to be legally chased by hounds, though guns may need to be used for the kill.
    • Traditional methods of using beating and hunting dogs are also engaged to corner and hunt muntjacs, wild boars and blacknaped hares.
    • The family Leporidae consists of 11 genera and around 54 species, commonly known as hares and rabbits.
    • Rabbits, hares, and a few other species make up the Lagomorpha.
    • He said: ‘I've noticed an increase in birds and a lot more hares since the grassland has been in place.’

verbo intransitivo


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    to hare in/out/up/down entrar/salir/subir/bajar a la carrera / como un bólido coloquial