Traducción de harmless en Español:


inofensivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhɑːmləs//ˈhɑrmləs/


  • 1

    (person/animal) inofensivo
    (substance) inocuo
    he's harmless enough no le hace daño a nadie
    • Many years ago he was known as the most dangerous man in his neighbourhood, yet now everyone thought of him as harmless.
    • It can cause nausea and, in extreme cases, death in humans, but is harmless to marine life.
    • It seems a pretty harmless form of entertainment that may even encourage a healthy scepticism in its audience.
    • On closer inspection, it turned out that the birds were suffering from a virus harmless to humans.
    • The print is harmless enough as an image; it is the inscription that brings it to the edge of obscenity.
    • This might all sound like harmless fun - but we were also warned that mobile phones can break up marriages.
    • The tope shark is considered harmless to humans because of its small size and its preference for small prey items.
    • Although they're hardly cutting any new edge, it's competent and harmless enough.
    • She asks him about his drug use and tries to say that it makes him psychologically inclined to believe cannabis is harmless.
    • Over the last few years marijuana has gradually lost its 70s image as a harmless drug.
    • How long this gentle, shy, harmless, unworldly man can carry on pushing his heavy load, God only knows!
    • Unlike the Leopard Snake which I now know to be harmless, these cute little chaps are much more appealing.
    • I agreed, breathing a sigh of relief that his request seemed to be innocent and harmless enough.
    • Surely greater freedom would involve allowing people to smoke a harmless drug such as cannabis?
    • We've got better things to do than to try and distort what is now a harmless nickname.
    • The owner of that dog said that it was harmless, which is predictable.
    • It sounds so innocuous, so harmless, like it would barely cause a murmur or a ripple.
    • If you think Internet flirting and cybersex are harmless, you might want to reconsider.
    • And of course we should continue to take these awful, embarrassing and harmless photos.
    • The only difference is that meat infected with scrapie is harmless to humans, whilst BSE kills.
    • Who knows if this allegedly harmless toy was not, in reality, to be used as a stash of illegal weapons?
    • Belief in them is harmless enough, no doubt, and may lead on to a further interest in matters Egyptological.
    • A bacteriophage is a virus that attacks bacteria but which is generally harmless to human beings.
    • Natural processes are capable of breaking down waste products to harmless end products.
    • They often spoke to us children as we passed on our way to school, and seemed both friendly and harmless enough.
    • The whale shark, the biggest fish on earth, is a plankton feeder and harmless to divers.
    • It is in a critical stage and the only way to save her is through a relatively harmless bone marrow transplant.
    • I can think of better things to do than spend hours in the baking Greek sun but it seems like a harmless enough hobby.
    • For the medical trial, the virus, will be made harmless, modified so that patients do not have any ill effects.
    • Anyone who has ever met him will tell you he is completely harmless.
    • Although there has never been a recorded death from the overuse of cannabis, it is not harmless.
    • Donating blood is harmless to the donor and yet gives a gift of life to a dying person.
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    (suggestion/fun/joke) inocente