Traducción de haute couture en Español:

haute couture

alta costura, n.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊt kuˈtʊr//ˌəʊt kʊˈtjʊə/


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    alta costura femenino
    • What's a fashion show without the haute couture?
    • Ebony Fashion Fair commentator Jada Jackson Collins took the stage and once again the haute couture adorning the captivating models dazzled the audience.
    • Her dress, something between a medieval period costume and the latest haute couture, trailed behind her as the wind lifted it softly above the ground.
    • Unlike haute couture, prêt-à-porter clothing isn't one of a kind.
    • Once tailor made for the doyennes of chic, high-fashion magazines served up haute couture that only an elite few could actually afford.
    • Despite the attempt by the forum to insist on casual dress, it is hard to part many businessmen from their suits, or their wives from their haute couture.