Traducción de haw en Español:


Pronunciación /hɔ//hɔː/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • He hums and haws, but eventually admits that he does.
    • I've been humming and hawing for a few weeks now about what to buy my parents for Christmas and, thanks to an inspirational idea offered by someone on our message boards, I've found just the thing.
    • Gilbert hummed and hawed for a while before reluctantly agreeing, after being asked the question three times, that he expected two of the remaining 13 places in his squad to be filled with players from south of the equator.
    • One minute you're happily humming and hawing over what looks like the latest fad - the next you look round and discover that someone else has turned the thing into a genuine, bona fide industry.
    • They hummed and hawed, there were rumblings of unease and the whole thing got delayed.