Traducción de hayseed en Español:


tamo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈheɪsiːd//ˈheɪsid/


  • 1

    tamo masculino
    • I had hayseed in my hair, and I think Rock had a little in his hair, too.
  • 2EEUU argot

    • This confederation of hayseeds took control of North Dakota after World War I.
    • The Savage family consists of a bunch of stubborn hayseeds that get real angry when crossed.
    • TV has yet to yield a Canadian urban aesthetic that broadly appeals to all us former hayseeds who are drawn to urban hubs.
    • Think of us as straw-sucking hayseeds who don't have a clue.
    • There is some sort of derision of the farming community as a bunch of hayseeds.
    • This was once the home of every hayseed with a goofy hat, a guitar, and a dream.
    • By the final issue I liked it, but the first issue was really hayseed and really backwards.
    • Mary's father was a violent hayseed.
    • He managed to raise my ire by repeatedly referring to the Tennessean as some sort of shoeless hayseed.
    • No matter how good he is at playing a hayseed, he should start getting a little nervous about being typecast.
    • Just because he made his millions hunting for Texas crude hardly means he's a hayseed.
    • They're just as cute as the others, but in a hayseed way.
    • That Turturro can be convincing both as a Russian chess master and a Mississippi hayseed is a testament to his versatility as a performer.
    • She lays on the hayseed vernacular awfully thick, both in her dialogue and her narration.
    • Health advisers marveled that hayseeds could be so ignorant.
    • It is tempting to ridicule these creationists, dismissing them as hayseeds and not giving them a second thought.
    • I generally loathe modern country, which is simply bland pop-oriented music with a hayseed singing.
    • The movie opens with childhood friends Rafe and Danny pretending to be pilots, to the dismay of Danny's hayseed father.
    • On the surface, this is the story of a charming hayseed President who goes with his gut feeling.
    • Daniel decides, on the spur of the moment, to marry a daffy little blonde hayseed named Bonnie Dee Peacock.