Traducción de he en Español:


él, pron.

Pronunciación /hi//hiː/


  • 1

    he's a painter/my brother es pintor/mi hermano
    • he didn't say it, I did no fue él quien lo dijo, sino yo
    • don't ask me, he's the expert no me preguntes a mí, el experto es él
    • Ted Post? who's he? ¿Ted Post? ¿quién es Ted Post?
    • he who hesitates quien vacila …
    • could I speak to Steve, please? — this is he ¿podría hablar con Steve, por favor? — habla con él
    • I'm as tall as he is / (formal) as tall as he soy tan alto como él
    • Shane has a nice little punch, but he never hurt me with a solid shot.
    • I've never seen him act this way, he's going crazy
    • Everything he's been involved in has become a fiasco.
    • Calopresti has made only three films so far, yet he is already a major force in Italian cinema.
    • Then he won't even admit he's done anything wrong.
    • I think he knows it was wrong and he knows he's going to make it right.
    • Most of the star horses he has trained have been great battlers - just like O'Brien himself.
    • If you let him get to you mentally, he's already won the race
    • When Wynton Marsalis is in town, he's there almost every night.
    • Rosen felt excited as he walked into the office.



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    it's a he (of animal) es macho