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Pronunciación /hiːz//hiz//hɪz//(h)ɪz/

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    • He gets up from his desk for the first time, to escort me from the building, and he's about six foot six.
    • If he's not the man who wrote the plays you're going to know it in five minutes.
    • He's a plumber and he's fixing the toilets and not in a Village People tribute act.
    • Now I think he's saying that the only criteria for punishment should be how bad the crime was.
    • Happy as I am that Papa Bear is back on the screen, I don't want to know what he's up to just yet.
    • I'm very proud of him for how he's progressing, proud to tell people that he's my son.
    • Not only is he friendly, trustworthy and a good English speaker, he's a top laugh too.
    • There used to be a poet from Ayrshire who did that stuff, but he's long dead now.
    • Deep down, he's a nice bloke, despite his best efforts to shield that fact from the world.
    • If he's doing a good job, it does reflect the way they play, the way they operate.
    • It isn't going to affect the price of a pint, Jack says, so he's not much interested.
    • As a friend said, he's a stranger, someone most of us have never met, so why does it bother you so much?
    • Add to that all the fantastic records he's produced and you've got a major figure.
    • I have no idea what this song is about or what the hell he's singing but I love it.
    • In a teenage girl's magazine he's cited as a soft target for fans who are on a mission to snog a celebrity.
    • It could have been a player and in any case it doesn't matter because he's a human being trying to do his job.
    • Costner's been roundly criticised for his work for years, but here he's on top form.
    • In a position to shun the cash bribes of big business, he's now impervious to their threats.
    • For the first time during the conversation, he's beginning to sound a little irate.
    • Such is the regard in which he's held that there are sure to be lengthy queues.

    he is

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    • In the meantime, he's even managed to alienate some of his old mates from advertising.
    • Tucci was eager to play the lively comic role that is a departure from anything he's done before.
    • Whatever Rael is, if he's to be believed, he's just ushered in a new era for mankind.
    • Only a masochist or a Scotsman keeps turning the pages simply because he's paid for them.
    • He says he's become tired of Scottish newspapers sniping at each other in the media pages.
    • Now he's been learning to drive and picking up other new skills on the shopfloor.
    • You cannot really question a coach when he's only been there four or five weeks.
    • For somebody with a name and a reputation, it was a gamble to come here and give it everything he's got.
    • I've only known him a few months, but in that one action he's leapt way up in my estimation.
    • I think he's had one or two offers and one or two clubs have asked me about him.
    • All the boys on the pitch today think he's given them their start in this team.
    • Solomon was next seen in Dale and then Haverfordwest where he's been for about two weeks.
    • It works for him not because he's embraced it, but because his candidacy brings it alive.
    • He's in the spotlight and all he can do is do what he's always done and play to his audience that think like him.
    • Nobody knows the sorrow he's seen and it's all there to hear in his sad, sad voice.
    • I'm hoping that once he's had a rest and time to recharge that his blog will be resurrected.
    • Asked what his best goal tally for a season is and he says he's never completed an entire campaign.
    • Soon he's set into motion a series of devious plans to bump the orphans off and claim their fortune.
    • Now John Martyn is so madly in love again he's recorded a new album to prove it.
    • One of them wants to be a writer and thinks he's got a good screenplay in him.

    he has