Traducción de head en español:


cabeza, n.

Pronunciación: /hɛd//hɛd/


  • 1

    (exceeding comprehension)
    cabeza femenino
    to nod one's head (meaning yes) asentir con la cabeza EEUU
    • to shake one's head (meaning yes) asentir con la cabeza
    • my head aches/hurts me duele la cabeza
    • a fine head of hair una buena cabellera
    • to stand on one's head pararse de cabeza
    • I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow me quedé dormido en cuanto puse la cabeza en la almohada
    • from head to foot / toe de pies a cabeza
    • he's a head taller than his brother le lleva / le saca una cabeza a su hermano
    • to win/lose by a head ganar/perder por una cabeza
    • go and boil your head! ¡vete a freír espárragos!
    • head over heels
    • she tripped and went head over heels down the steps tropezó y cayó rodando escaleras abajo
    • to be head over heels in love estar locamente / perdidamente enamorado
    • he fell head over heels in love with her se enamoró locamente / perdidamente de ella
    • heads up! ¡ojo!
    • heads will roll van a rodar cabezas
    • on your/his (own) head be it allá te las compongas/se las componga
    • they need their heads knocked together necesitan que les den una buena lección
    • to bang one's head against a (brick) wall darse (con) la cabeza contra la pared
    • to be able to do sth standing on one's head poder hacer algo con los ojos cerrados
    • to bite / snap sb's head off (tell off) echarle una bronca a algn
    • to bury one's head in the sand hacer como el avestruz
    • to get one's head down (work hard) ponerse a trabajar en serio
    • to give head mamarla
    • to give sb her/his head darle rienda suelta a algn
    • to give a horse its head soltarle las riendas a un caballo
    • (bypassing hierarchy) to go over sb's head pasar por encima de algn
    • his lecture went straight over my head no entendí nada de su conferencia
    • my sarcasm went right over his head no captó mi sarcasmo
    • the discussion was way above my head la discusión era muy complicada para mí
    • to go to sb's head subírsele a la cabeza a algn
    • the wine's gone to my head se me ha subido el vino a la cabeza
    • the promotion's gone right to her head el ascenso se le ha subido a la cabeza
    • to hang one's head bajar / inclinar la cabeza
    • to have a big / swelled / swollen head ser un creído
    • don't tell him or he'll get a swelled / swollen head no se lo digas, que se le van a subir los humos a la cabeza
    • to have one's head in the clouds tener la cabeza llena de pájaros
    • to hold one's head up / high / up high ir con la cabeza bien alta
    • with head held high con la cabeza bien alta
    • to keep one's head above water mantenerse a flote
    • to keep one's head down (avoid attention) mantenerse al margen
    • to knock sth on the head dar al traste con algo
    • to laugh one's head off reírse a mandíbula batiente
    • to scream/shout one's head off gritar a voz en cuello
    • to lay / put one's head on the block for sb jugarse por algn
    • to make head or tail /heads or tails of sth
    • I can't make head or tail of it para mí esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza
    • can you make head or tail of these figures? ¿tú entiendes estas cifras?
    • I've never been able to make head or tail of her nunca he logrado entenderla
    • to rear one's ugly head
    • racism/fascism reared its ugly head again volvió a aparecer el fantasma del racismo/fascismo
    • (be superior) to stand/be head and shoulders above sb estar muy por encima de algn
    • (be taller) he is a good head and shoulders above his elder brother le lleva más de una cabeza a su hermano mayor
    • to stand / turn sth on its head dar vuelta algo
    • to turn sb's head
    • the sort of good looks that turn heads el tipo de belleza que llama la atención / que hace que la gente se vuelva a mirar
    • a girl who'd turn any young man's head una chica capaz de trastornar / de volver loco a cualquier joven
    • winning the competition turned her head el haber ganado el concurso se le subió a la cabeza
    • before noun head injury lesión en la cabeza
    • head wound herida en la cabeza
    • Failure to use a helmet increased the risk of injuries to the head, neck, and face.
    • I imagine that they scratched their heads in confusion as they read my post.
    • In the current case welding goggles were used to protect the eyes and the front of the head and neck.
    • I snapped my head up towards her, obviously showing that I wasn't paying attention.
    • Flea-infested dogs may scratch mainly on the lower part of their bodies while cats may scratch more around their heads and necks.
    • Points are scored by landing blows on the front of the head or upper body, above the belt.
    • This approach is currently being tested in the United Kingdom to treat cancers of the head and neck, and liver.
    • The SL is the first roadster to get window airbags to protect occupants' heads and upper bodies in the event of a smash.
    • Gods are all represented as having animal heads, and bodies of humans.
    • Her back was now on my chest, and she was resting her head in the crook of my neck and shoulder.
    • Stretch your arms upwards and imagine you're trying to grasp something just above your head.
    • I reach for a stone, knock the fish on the head, and remove the hook.
    • The entire family wore crowns upon their heads.
    • A young kid catches a 6lb mullet, knocks it on the head, takes it home to show mum, then it goes in the bin.
    • Sitting on the stone bench now she tilted her head up towards the sky and the welter of bare branches overhead.
    • Trying to determine the reason for the human logjam, I craned my neck trying to see over the heads of the rest of the parishioners.
    • All were massively built animals with small heads and barrel-like bodies.
    • She sat closer to him and put an arm around his neck while resting her head on his shoulder.
    • On the first morning it is impossible to imagine the conventional male participants wanting their heads shaved.
    • He put his hands on my sides and I put my arms around his neck and rested my head against his chest.
  • 2

    (mind, brain)
    cabeza femenino
    my head was reeling / spinning la cabeza me daba vueltas
    • I said the first thing that came into my head dije lo primero que se me ocurrió / que me vino a la cabeza
    • I've got all the figures in my head tengo todos los datos en la cabeza
    • she added it up in her head hizo la suma mentalmente
    • don't worry / bother your head about that no te calientes la cabeza con eso
    • he needs his head examined está / anda mal de la cabeza
    • he has an old head on young shoulders es muy maduro para su edad
    • she has a good head for business/figures tiene cabeza para los negocios/los números
    • I've no head for heights sufro de vértigo
    • I need to keep a clear head for the interview tengo que estar despejado para la entrevista
    • use your head! ¡usa la cabeza!
    • if we put our heads together, we'll be able to think of something si lo pensamos juntos, algo se nos ocurrirá
    • it never entered my head that ... ni se me pasó por la cabeza / jamás pensé que ...
    • to get sth into sb's head meterle algo en la cabeza a algn
    • he's got it into his head that ... se le ha metido en la cabeza que ...
    • me, a Buddhist? what put that (idea) into your head? ¿yo budista? ¿de dónde sacaste eso?
    • she took it into her head to become an actress se le antojó / se le metió en la cabeza que quería ser actriz
    • to be off one's head estar chiflado
    • (on drugs) to be out of one's head estar hasta atrás
    • to be soft / weak in the head estar mal de la cabeza
    • are you soft in the head or something? ¿pero tú estás mal de la cabeza?
    • to have one's head screwed on (right / the right way) tener la cabeza bien puesta
    • to keep/lose one's head mantener/perder la calma
    • two heads are better than one cuatro ojos ven más que dos
    • to be in over one's head estar metido en honduras
    • They may be able to compute figures in their heads with lightning speed or display a remarkable memory for dates.
    • The evil that they imagine is inside their heads - but they can't be said to know it, at least not consciously.
    • She picks up the exact dress she wore when she was eight and feels the memories rush to her head.
    • Soon her pale blue eyes began to well up with tears as the memories flooded into her head.
    • The Archdeacon led a minute's silence as the congregation held a picture in their heads of their favourite memory of the twins.
    • Perhaps that is one good reason for not filling children's heads with fairy stories about ‘happy ever after’, as real life just isn't that simple.
    • I just imagine myself inside the head of a child and write as if I am one.
    • It was just a memory that popped into my head as I had read the poem.
    • I felt peaceful and calm for a few moments before the memories crept back into my head.
    • Can you just imagine the thoughts going through the heads of these two little boys, pictured by Kathleen Henry.
    • The music that America's New Heroes hear in their heads when they imagine movies-yet-to-be-made is Classic Rock.
    • While I've a house full of things he gave me, and a head full of memories, this glorious sound is the best gift of them all.
    • I closed my eyes, but all that was rushing through my head was the memories of her.
    • I find it impossible to just fall asleep, and always have, even if I am completely exhausted, meaning I have to read or listen to the radio before my head switches off.
    • To get the image of this stretch into your head, imagine a road slightly narrower than Turl Street.
    • They prefer the company of animals because - knowing nothing about what is really going on in their heads - they can imagine anything.
    • I can imagine that's the first thought that went through the heads of the local police.
    • The drawing is from memory - from inside their heads - from their imaginations.
    • If most mergers fail, might part of the problem be all those unneeded people who carried organizational memory in their heads?
    • Inside his head he drifted through memories that had been put there and that this time had stuck.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (of celery) cabeza femenino
      (of nail, tack, pin) cabeza femenino
      (of spear, arrow) punta femenino
      (of hammer) cotillo masculino
      (of hammer) cabeza femenino
      (of cane, stick) puño masculino
      (of pimple) punta femenino
      (of pimple) cabeza femenino
      (on beer) espuma femenino
      (of river) cabecera femenino
      a head of lettuce una lechuga
      • The heads then rotate forward to mount the drive platter.
      • Susie, somehow, managed to get the burning head of a match stuck to her fingers as it flared up.
      • Chrome surrounds the instrumentation, with the pivot heads of the needles matching.
      • Maces of the late 15th and 16th century often had multi-flanged heads shaped in the Gothic style.
      • Especially popular in Europe, the tender inner leaves are great raw, and whole heads can be stir-fried or steamed.
      • The enthusiastic crowd then pelted him with heads of lettuce.
      • Dry cutting heads travel at higher rpm and require more power.
      • Coat the end of the tool head before driving it back into the ferule using a wood block and hammer.
      • The dense heads of the late cabbage require cool, moist conditions.
      • Pushing forth, he jabbed the head of the weapon into the greaves of the incoming phalanx.
      • Never eat more than two teaspoons of charred lean meat or less than 10 heads of dry lettuce for dinner.
      • The heads of nails, or dry wall screws, used to fasten plaster-board to studs often pop out.
      • The heads of the screws, not the points, provide the traction.
      • The mechanical noise when the heads are moving is clearly louder and sounds also harder, more mechanical.
      • Do this by sticking the stripped ends of the wires into any hole in the neutral bus bar and attaching them by tightening down the screw heads.
      • In the picture above you will also note that the heads of the screws used to attach the base of the block are badly stripped.
      • The head of the river, the top of the ladder is where all the biggest fish want to be.
      • It's no rumour that you can see the heads of the Philips screws used to bolt the dashboard together.
      • European cabbages form dense heads and come in a pastel rainbow of colors.
      • As the autumn floods encourage the salmon to the spawning redds in the river heads, the Government has again given the thumbs down to any plan for a buy out of the drift net fishers.
      • Most axe heads and handles have all these components; it is the shape and size that change.
      • A number of other drinking traditions also use hygiene as an excuse - take the ‘two fingers’ of head on every glass of beer.
      • Don't worry if the screw heads stick out a bit- - you're not racing the thing (I hope).
      • The purpose of a proper glass is to concentrate the aroma and allow a full head of foam to develop.
      • They enter through the kitchen, where the produce trucks drop off the heads of lettuce.
      • A common problem is ‘popped’ nails, in which the heads of nails are jutting above the surface of the wood.
      • It's an almost black beer with a creamy head, giving a subtle roasted coffee aroma.
      • The river head is the source not only of the property's water, but also of its joie de vivre.
      • All beer heads decay exponentially with time, with most taking around three minutes to decay almost completely.
      • Countersink nail and screw heads that are sticking up above the surface.
      • It is obvious Guenther and his staff are impressed with the clean operation and the striking green and healthy looking lettuce heads.
      • Determined chefs go out of their way to find the freshest, most tender heads of romaine lettuce available.
      • He grabbed a few heads of lettuce and started stuffing them into a backpack.
      • The very young produce assistant tells him that they sell only whole heads of lettuce.
      • In 1754, Virginia dispatched an army under Lieutenant Colonel George Washington to construct a fort at the head of the Ohio River.
      • All the clamp holes of the panels were countersunk with this bit so that the screw heads are flush.
      • He wired up players with heart rate monitors and breathing sensors, and lights were attached to the heads of the putting clubs to allow their movements to be studied.
      • Are we not going to be able to get our heads of cabbage anymore?
      • Now officers at Belmarsh prison, London, have discovered him building a bomb inside prison using match heads and nails from prison furniture.
      • We look at how we can extend the shelf life of beer and at improving foam - people equate freshness with a nice head of foam.
      • A man walked into the produce section of his local supermarket and asked to buy half a head of lettuce.
      • Lettuces are also very decorative - you can intersperse them among flowers to harvest when heads mature.
      • The Powley vegetable growers are running a competition for the biggest head of cabbage.
      • The conventional screwdriver has a single blade and is used with screws of matching heads.
      • Took it to the tire shop to have it repaired and the guy said the cause of the severe flatness was a nail: a short nail with a large head.
      • The bolt heads are only accessible when the safe is open, and a built-in flange on the front of the safe covers the cut edges of the hole for a clean installation.
      • While the chicken is cooking break apart the head of lettuce into bite sized pieces.
      • I am thinking of the little gem-like heads of cabbage you are likely to get in the better French restaurants.
      • With his wife and child, he had ridden seventy-five miles up the valley to meet the Mormon party near the head of Lemhi River.
      • Adjustment of the cutting heads allows a great variety of moldings to be manufactured.
      • A male with young in the nest will avidly take care of a stalk of celery or a head of lettuce daily.
      • ‘If you look near the heads of lettuce you'll find a healthy batch,’ she said.
      • Most tools are electrical/hydraulic, using hydraulic power to actually drive the cutting heads.
      • The lamps on the roof, screw heads, door handles and other fixtures were polished brass.
      • This is a traditional English variety, with tender stems and small leafy purple heads.
      • You may be one of the many people who see head on your beer as a bad thing.
      • What about a head of crisp, green lettuce for that fresh salad you were wanting to prepare?
      • Iron stains may be easy to diagnose because they are often near nail heads, screw heads or other hardware.

    • 3.2(top end)

      (of bed, table) cabecera femenino
      (of page, letter) encabezamiento masculino
      (of procession, line) cabeza femenino
      at the head of the list encabezando la lista, a la cabeza de la lista
      • Napoleon was advancing at the head of 100,000 men Napoleón avanzaba a la cabeza de 100.000 hombres
      • he retired after 20 years at the head of the company se jubiló tras 20 años al frente / a la cabeza de la compañía
      • Some of the Hackenthorpe branch of the star's fan club have been taking it in turns to keep their place at the head of the queue.
      • With sheer will power, she forced herself to nod at Dante and sit at the head of the table.
      • I write with the disappointment of one who was second from the head of the queue when he made his decision.
      • The man took the seat at the head of the table and watching his guests select their lunch.
      • I was waiting at the head of a queue of traffic at a set of lights.
      • I suggested to Barnette that since he was our guest he should sit at the head of the table.
      • Six places were set, one at the head of the table, three on the right and two on the left.
      • If he had had as much influence on the films that he directed, his place at the head of the Hollywood queue would be assured.
      • At 115, at the head of the page, your Honours will see, at line 4, his Honour reads out the questions which had been written by the jury.
      • The immediate past champion sits at the head of the dinner table alongside Hootie and Byron Nelson.
      • All of the chairs had deep red covers put on them with the exception of the one at the head of the table.
      • But with a qualification or two, you can go to the head of the queue when an opening occurs.
      • He was waiting at the head of the queue of traffic.
      • She took a seat at the head of the table and told us her name was Judge Elizabeth Barkin.
      • So I'll be at the head of the queue for transfers, which are embargoed until September 1st.
      • I was put at the head of the table in between Teodora, and Ivan, her Serbian uncle.
      • Each dignitary was assigned a specific seat as the Sultan was put at the head of the table.
      • The President sits at the head of a long table, immaculately dressed in a suit and striped tie.
      • She walked into the dining room and sat at the head of the long table in the center of the room.
      • Many pitched tents more than a fortnight ago to make sure they were at the head of the queue when the homes come on sale tomorrow morning.
      • At the head of the table sat an old man with a shock of white hair that almost matched his robe.
      • At the head of the table sits a brooding Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, moodily attacking a chicken dish.
      • When I reach the head of the queue, my passport is looked at carefully before I'm allowed to pass.
      • On the morning of the battle she begged me to allow her to carry the American flag at the head of the regiment.
      • He ushered her to a chair near the head of the table.
      • We have to figure out how we stop toys being chucked down the gap between the head of the bed and the wall.
      • It was an attractive woman who sat at the head of the table who had made the dry statement.
      • Could you please position yourself at the bed's head?
      • And, in any event, the banks are at the head of the queue, so other creditors are unlikely to see a penny.
      • At the head of the parallel queue immediately to the right, the clerk's colleague smirks at me and I smirk back at her.
      • She stood at the head of the long table, her hands holding onto the back of the chair.
      • Williams is expected to sell another pipeline soon, and it's a safe bet that Sokol will be near the head of the line of potential buyers.
      • They made their way to the grand room where the King sat at the head of the long table.
      • Andy then climbed down the staircase and pushed to the head of the line.
      • As Ella and George watch the rest of the march, the kids sneak down the alleyways and rejoin the head of the procession.
      • A picture shows the developers on horseback at the head of the parade.
      • Everyone let me go to the head of the queue with my few items for a picnic lunch - no one seems to shop here for just a few items!
      • For some time I tried to find an wise or witty one to insert at the head of my home page.
      • People who get to the head of the queue and then take ages to find their purse/wallet - surely you?
      • Gwen sat at the head of the table, like a queen and kept her eyes on Jamie at all times.
      • He would start reading at the head of a page then his head would move downward in a straight line until he got to the foot of the page.
      • Or is airline service that bad that the only way to get to the head of the queue is to threaten the staff!
      • With competition hotting up, you need some preparation and panache to stay at the head of the queue.

  • 4

    • 4.1(chief)

      director masculino
      directora femenino
      administrative/executive head director administrativo/ejecutivo
      • section head jefe de sección
      • head of state/government jefe de Estado/de Gobierno
      • the head of the household el jefe / el cabeza de familia
      • before noun head buyer
      • (in US football) head coach
      • head cook jefa de cocina
      • head girl/boy alumno elegido para representar al alumnado de un colegio
      • Detailed talks on the future of European Union expansion are set to continue as the Prime Minister joins other heads of the European Council in Brussels.
      • I personally answer more than 100 e-mails a day no matter where I am, as do our regional leaders and agency heads.
      • In a macabre move, his party has decided to keep its deceased leader as its head until after this week's elections.
      • The government has also threatened to press charges against the heads of two regional governments for aiding and abetting the strikers.
      • The duo will meet the heads of 15 top IT companies and showcase the state's ‘intrinsic strengths’.
      • Dillon is head of public relations for Ladbrokes, Manchester United's betting partner.
      • Their findings are released today on the eve of the Thessaloniki summit of heads of EU political leaders that will decide the future framework of the community.
      • Not only do many construction staffers come from architecture backgrounds, but so do the heads of the in-house wood and metal shops.
      • This probe could result in civil charges against research department heads, banking chiefs, and even some CEOs.
      • Most village heads have some business relations with the town's shop owners or traders.
      • What other elected politician can you find asking direct, unflinching questions to heads of government ministries?
      • On the other hand, these same leaders are often the heads of militias and these militias are being used to assassinate political opponents.
      • The Swedes have said no to their leaders - an alliance of politicians, union heads, businesspeople, and media figures.
      • The next highest paid director was the head of its US aggregates business Tom Hill.
      • Division of labor in the reproductive economy and time use patterns for household heads were also measured.
      • Some eastern rural areas are still dominated by large landowners, traditional clan heads, and religious leaders.
      • Scheinman set up monthly meetings with the heads of operations, sales, and finance to vet potential deals.
      • They then stepped into the sunshine for a tour of the sculpture trail, guided by John Le Page, head of art.
      • Of all the European government heads, the British Prime Minister's position is, in the near term, the most precarious.
      • Of 1,000 heads of small firms polled by the company, 93% said they would like to see restrictions on staff work hours eased.

    • 4.2render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)British

      director (de colegio) masculino
      directora (de colegio) femenino

  • 5

    • 5.1(person)

      $15 per head 15 dólares por cabeza / persona
      • $500 per head of (the) population 500 dólares por habitante
      • to count heads contar cabezas

    • 5.2render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      700 head of cattle/sheep 700 cabezas de ganado vacuno/ovino

  • 6

    to come to a head llegar a un punto crítico
    • she brought things to a head by issuing an ultimatum llevó las cosas a un punto crítico al darles un ultimátum
    • his arrival brought the conflict to a head su llegada hizo estallar el conflicto
  • 7

    • 7.1(height of water)

      you need a head of 4ft for the shower el tanque de agua tiene que estar 4 pies más alto que la ducha

    • 7.2(pressure)

      a head of steam presión de vapor femenino

  • 8

    • 8.1Informática Audio
      (magnetic device)

      cabeza femenino
      cabezal masculino
      • They are used for quality control in manufacturing digital recording heads as well as in the construction of compact audio disk stampers.
      • For example: the recording head is now on the under side of the disk, to avoid problems from dust on the disk surface.
      • The GMR recording heads that are used in all of today's big disk drives are a good example of this.
      • Depending on capacity each drive has between one and three platters, and up to six GMR recording heads.
      • The main drive contains the drive electronics and heads.
      • Make sure that you have cleaned the heads of the VCR between copying videos.
      • Multiple optical heads combine to produce a wide-field-of-view imaging system.
      • This thin data storage device has a flexible recordable disk and recording heads arranged on both sides of the disk.

    • 8.2(of a drill)

      cabezal masculino

    • 8.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      culata femenino

  • 9

    • 9.1(heading)

      encabezamiento masculino
      under separate heads bajo encabezamientos diferentes
      • The front section of each issue has brief pieces, about research and about the political and social setting of science, and these often have punchy heads.

    • 9.2Periodismo

      titular masculino

  • 10

    cabo masculino
    • The images include four lighthouses in Maine - Bass Harbor Head Light, Cape Neddick Light, Pemaquid Point Light, and Portland Head Light.
    • Baynham has farmed for all of his 70 years at Penlen farm on St David's Head.
    • The print was Thea Schrack's ‘Yaquina Head Lighthouse.’
  • 11

    • 11.1(bow of a ship)

      proa femenino
      • There was no way the captain could keep the ship's head up into the seas.
      • As the Grosvenor sliced towards the rocks at six knots, the officer of the watch dismissed reports of shore fires beyond the ship's head.

    • 11.2(top of a sail)

      gratil masculino

    • 11.3(toilet)

      (feminine plural) letrinas
      • To the port side aft is the head and shower and a quarter berth cabin with large double berth.
      • The Mississippi also had trough type urinals and unwalled johns in the heads, and salt water showers.
      • Although the sea washed the heads clean as the ship pitched, the heads still needed a regular scrub-down with a broom.
      • Jim laughed softly and stepped into the head to splash some cold water over his face.
      • The berthing, heads, galley, engine room and other spaces are located below the water line.
      • It was posted in some of the heads on the ship the day before the plane went down.

  • 12argot

    acid head
    • pot head enganchado a la hierba

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (procession/march) encabezar
    (march/procession) ir a la cabeza de
    (list) encabezar
    with López still heading the field, the runners ... los corredores, con López todavía a la cabeza / en cabeza, ...
  • 2

    (revolt) acaudillar
    (revolt) ser el cabecilla de
    (team) capitanear
    (department/expedition) dirigir
    (department/expedition) estar al frente de
  • 3

    (ship/vehicle) dirigir
    perhaps you could head me toward the nearest bank ¿me podría indicar dónde queda el banco más próximo?
    • which way are you headed? ¿hacia / para dónde vas?
    • they're headed for defeat van camino de la derrota
  • 4

    (in soccer)
    (ball) cabecear
  • 5

    (chapter/page) encabezar
  • 6headed past p

    con membrete
    membreteado Andes

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    the car was heading west el coche iba en dirección oeste
    • where are you heading? ¿hacia / para dónde vas?
    • we were heading in the direction of Santiago íbamos camino de Santiago / con rumbo a Santiago
    • I think we're heading in the right direction creo que vamos bien encaminados / por buen camino
    • it's time we were heading back ya va siendo hora de que volvamos / regresemos