Traducción de head-butt en Español:


cabezazo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛdbʌt//ˈhɛdˌbət/


  • 1

    cabezazo masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    darle un cabezazo a
    he head-butted him and ran off le dio un cabezazo y salió corriendo
    • Because of a severe stroke he suffered in 2001 which left him unable to speak, he was unable to answer and the youth attacked him with a bottle before headbutting him several times.
    • A disabled man was attacked by a laughing thug who punched and headbutted him to the ground.
    • Arming himself with a snooker cue he knocked on Mr Murphy's door, headbutted him and began an attack lasting more than five minutes.
    • Also on January 5 a 49-year-old man was headbutted in Leweston Place.
    • Unfortunately, when he got back up, he overbalanced and fell forward, headbutting me in the nose!
    • A young man who regularly uses cannabis followed a fellow bus passenger and headbutted him for no reason, Isleworth Crown Court heard on Monday.
    • He was headbutted during a street brawl in Trowbridge last month and bitten on the hand as he dealt with a domestic incident in Westbury over Christmas.
    • When one refused he was headbutted twice and punched.
    • Then seconds later the man demanded the lad hand over his phone and when he refused the thug headbutted him before taking a swing at him and punching him in the face.
    • But he took a tougher view in the case of the youth accused of punching a victim ‘as hard as possible’ many times and headbutting him.
    • A schoolboy told yesterday how a thug headbutted him and tried to gouge out his eyes after he refused to hand over his mobile phone.
    • He headbutted me and put his dirty paws all over my skirt.
    • When she refused, he headbutted her, splitting her lip open.
    • Then, 15 months after being capped, shortly after serving a 20-week suspension for headbutting an opponent, he was caught up in Britain's most extensive synchronised crime operation.
    • The 16-year-old victim was headbutted by one of the culprits who, like some others in the gang, was wearing a motorcycle crash helmet.
    • That's how awful I felt when I was a little kid and this bully headbutted me.
    • I also knew she had assaulted an officer on a previous occasion by headbutting him.
    • I didn't get riled when he bit me or when he put my arm in a lock on the blind side of the referee and tried to break it or when he headbutted me and opened up a cut that needed 17 stitches.
    • After refusing to leave the cell, one inmate, a cocaine and heroin addict serving seven years for violent robberies, headbutted the officer.
    • I had pulled him off the other lad and he headbutted me to get away.