Traducción de headliner en Español:


primera figura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛdlʌɪnə//ˈhɛdˌlaɪnər/



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    primera figura femenino
    estrella femenino
    • Many pop and rock headliners have established themselves as good actors, even if they didn't become box office stars in the movies.
    • In fact, he's upstaged the headliner a few times.
    • With a limited number of slots on Main Stage, a lot of the musicians seen on side stages would be headliners anywhere else.
    • While the star headliner might tour with the show, smaller parts were often cast city-by-city.
    • Still, it's not everyday that a rock group performs a concert with an opening act that named themselves after one of the headliner's albums.
    • It gives comedy fans something substantial to chow down on before the headliner hits the stage.
    • The audience waited for another half an hour or so after the end of the performance of the supporting act, before the headliners of the evening appeared on stage.
    • The eastern, post-Toronto leg of the tour will feature headliners The Unicorns and regional acts.
    • The Scissor Sisters will follow Saturday night's headliners, Pet Shop Boys, in what promises to be one of the best events ever arranged by Rob da Bank.
    • After all that, we finally got to the headliners.
    • It's a photograph of all those warm up acts you've grumbled through as you wait for the headliner to take the concert stage.
    • The opening acts get more playing time than the headliner?
    • Contrary to the usual gig fodder of a support act and headliners, these legends of the indie scene have decided to do something different and head out on a joint tour.
    • If they find out you're planning to up-stage the headliners, they'll zap you double-quick.
    • But the reason many of the headliners are where they are today is because they presented a different spin on an old concept.
    • ‘Yeah, and the irony is that the headliner is supposed to be the main attraction,’ agrees Lawrence.
    • The headliners tonight need no introduction and the choice of venue seemed to have put them back where they belong.
    • You don't even know who the headliner is, and there's no presentation in that.
    • He was a vaudeville headliner of growing stature when he went into radio.
    • They motored their way behind the luxuriant tour buses of the headliners, and thought, privately, that they were living in a dream.