Traducción de headman en Español:


cacique, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛdmən//ˈhɛdmən/

nombrePlural headmen

  • 1

    cacique masculino
    • This is where community leaders such chiefs, headmen and indeed agricultural extension officers need to step in and carry out a massive education campaign.
    • It is run by a headman to whom most of the villagers are related.
    • About 300 people, including the headmen of 10 communities and children and teachers from Coffee Bay schools, attended the function.
    • This message was delivered in church sermons, but also in the headman's addresses to the community.
    • They provided the loyal headmen to displace recalcitrant chiefs, as well as mission-educated ministers, teachers, and agricultural demonstrators, who became the models and ideologues for a new African identity.
    • Other peoples had military leaders, tribal chiefs, or headmen, but not officials.
    • Tribal affiliations had to be ‘redefined’ and, after some conflict, different groups associated themselves with different chiefs and headmen.
    • All land was owned and allocated by the king through chiefs and headmen.
    • Seeing chiefs, village headmen and politicians crying for free food for their constituents may give the impression that the bumper harvest was something of a hoax.
    • On land administration, the villagers said a committee of 10 people with representation of chiefs, headmen and other stakeholders should be formed at village level to ensure transparency when giving out land.
    • Often in debt, they are economically and politically dependent on local headmen and landlords.
    • The system of chieftaincy follows the progression of paramount chief (the king), senior chiefs, sub-chiefs, headmen and sub-headmen.
    • Chiefs and headmen are important figures both in villages and nationally, although they are forbidden to be active in party politics.
    • It is based on the traditional model of Lakota government, where the headman of each band represented the band's tribe, and the headman of each Lakota tribe represented the Greater Sioux Council.
    • Local headmen and tribal chiefs, on whom his regime relies, were given even larger awards of between 500 and 750 percent.
    • Far from exhibiting any shame over his actions, W had asked the headman's son to write on his behalf to all the chiefs in defence of his actions.
    • I went there around September and thanks to the village headman, the council leader and some of the village dignitaries held a banquet in my honor.
    • Village chiefs or headmen usually have more than one wife.
    • However, conscription quotas placed on African chiefs or headmen in the Reserves undermined the legitimacy of the colonial regime on the ground.
    • The council consists of the headman, priest, village watchman, and four or five elders.