Traducción de headway en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhɛdˌweɪ//ˈhɛdweɪ/


  • 1

    to make headway hacer progresos
    • to make headway against the current avanzar contra la corriente
    • Another Goldsworthy's hairdresser is also making headway in the competition.
    • There can be little doubt that she had despaired of making headway in an old-fashioned world.
    • I am much less stressed since the change and finally making headway on a lot of old tasks.
    • Although the army has made similar arguments in the past, officers are making headway.
    • ‘The good news is we are making headway in many parts of the country,’ he will declare.
    • She managed to make some headway down the narrow street before she collapsed exhausted.
    • Meanwhile, other dissident movements were making headway throughout Ethiopia.
    • Nor should it be overlooked that there are some others making headway in this battle for the clothing market.
    • On the doorsteps, the Conservatives are making headway on immigration.
    • With the boat still making headway, our guide Nico jumps off the platform and immediately descends, trailing a line attached to a second buoy.
    • I try to make sure that we have the right people in the right activities and we're making headway.
    • Coalition forces are making headway in their battle against oil well fires.
    • However, slowly but surely women are making headway in the motoring industry.
    • For all its warts, Montreal is making headway in the sustainable architecture crusade.
    • So far it seems that negotiations are not making headway on a key issue.
    • By the end of last year, Beijing seemed to be making headway in preventing the economy from boiling over.
    • Structural changes aside, it's hard to get a fix on whether the gumshoes are making headway.
    • Although she was still making headway, her bow began to go under.
    • Only a resolute leader who sets an irreproachable personal example stands any chance of making headway.
    • This comes just as other voices in Labour are making headway pushing in a more progressive direction.