Traducción de heal en Español:


curar, v.

Pronunciación /hil//hiːl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (wound/cut) curar
    he tried to heal the rift within the party intentó cerrar la brecha que había en el partido
    • The Guru helped to heal many sick people, naturally coming in contact with so many people every day, the Guru was also infected and taken seriously ill.
    • She was severely wounded and he couldn't heal her with what little training he had had.
    • She also developed a skill for healing people by using flowers and herbs.
    • The Jesus who heals the sick people is by no means described as someone who fulfils a pre-established programme.
    • What a patient weighs on a scale does not adequately represent his or her health or ability to heal a wound.
    • The disciples aren't able to heal a lad who is suffering from what sounds like epileptic seizures.
    • She gently ran her hand over the injury, using her power to heal the wound.
    • Although he does not prescribe medicines, he plays a significant and positive role in healing sick people.
    • It will probably take a while for him to recover his strength and heal his wounds.
    • We have time to rest and recover and heal our injuries.
    • He soon gained a reputation as a man who could heal sick people.
    • She begs Jesus to heal her daughter, but it sounds as if he doesn't have time for her.
    • But I say to you, there is no Democratic or Republican way to heal a sick child.
    • It restored a downed Warrior to a minimum level of health and energy, and healed any physical injuries.
    • We now have six days to rest, recover and heal the injuries.
    • We believe that recovery is a process that heals the whole person therefore, we take a holistic approach to treatment.
    • There was no harm in trying to heal a sick man who wanted to get better.
    • Pulses of ultrasound are also sometimes used as a treatment for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and to heal fractures and wounds.
    • He healed another sick woman and brought one back to life.
    • But when I was bitten, while picking some herbs to heal a sick friend, they made me one of their Elders.
  • 2formal

    to heal sb (of sth) curar a algn (de algo)
    • she was healed of her illness sanó de su enfermedad

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (cut/wound) cicatrizar
    (wound/cut) cerrarse
    • When that joint heals, he'll get a new right knee.
    • Consequently when the wound in his hand healed Albert volunteered to re-enter the fray and returned to the Western Front with the Machine Gun Corps.
    • The girl's legs are usually bound together from ankle to knee until the wound has healed, which may take anything up to 40 days.
    • Her cheek and teeth had healed, but she couldn't dig the bullet out of her leg.
    • He wasn't sure if the bullet wound had healed yet, but he was hoping it had.
    • You can make yourself more balanced and well-rounded by dabbling in these other areas while your knee heals.
    • You know you're going to heal and hey look at that, that blood is good and red and healthy isn't it so you're going to heal very quickly.
    • Hours of surgery and several months of rehab later, the knee wasn't healing well.
    • I think we'd better get that bullet out of your shoulder before it heals.
    • The bullet wounds had healed, but the vaccine hurt his head to the extent that he felt like throwing up.
    • I'm usually so active and independent but now I'll be house bound until my arm heals.
    • The people - the people I've known who have had to deal with this, they've had to struggle against the way in which the amputation took place, the way in which it heals.
    • And it has nothing to do with how the little tear in his knee heals.
    • He could return if he takes the veterans' minimum deal, his troublesome knee heals and there is a need after the club explores other options.
    • Understanding what you're up against as you heal and adopting healthy coping strategies will help get you there.
    • His hand healed and it gave his knee extra time to rest as well, and last night against the Hornets it showed.
    • With the knee protected in a knee brace, a partial tear of the tendon can heal within several weeks.
    • The round caused him to stagger back slightly, but the wound simply healed and the bullet was pushed out.
    • Fortunately, once a sufferer finds out what is wrong with them and sticks to a gluten-free diet, the intestine can heal and good health returns.
    • It's very hard to tell, I suppose it comes down to how successful the surgery is and how quickly the knee heals.