Traducción de health farm en Español:

health farm

clínica de adelgazamiento, n.


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    clínica de adelgazamiento femenino
    • This beautiful Georgian health farm is set on a 50-acre deer farm on the shores of Galway Bay.
    • I'd spent my career in the catering industry and by 2002 I was running the front-of-house for a health farm in Berkshire.
    • But the couple, known for their well publicised drinking binges and partying, recently checked into a health farm, to emerge looking fitter, slimmer and healthier all round.
    • You can choose a range of sporting experiences, days out as a ‘film star’, TV presenter or in a recording studio, or else simply pamper yourself silly with a day at a health farm or spa.
    • They had visited a health farm together and Bruno knew Francis was under pressure.
    • We trained at one of the best health farms in the district, had a great meal, and were back home at 3pm with orders to rest.
    • Sessions will cover growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, making yogurt and soft cheeses, baking and preserving, plus an introduction to yoga and relaxing techniques at a local health farm.
    • All the staff at the health farm took care of the women in a very professional manner and were extremely pleasant.
    • In future I think fourteen stone should be the point where I book myself into a health farm and have my jaw wired.
    • In the second half of the film, Carol seeks treatment at a Californian health farm which is horribly cultish and manipulative.
    • The idyllic pastoral setting with fine woodland walks, plus the potential for boating and fishing, would also make it an ideal location for a small hotel or a health farm.
    • I visit a health farm every now and then to recuperate and keep to 1,000 calories a day.
    • Tourists come from around Europe to enjoy the health farms and beauty treatments.
    • Like most red-blooded males, I used to take a fairly cautious (okay, an occasionally disparaging) view of spas and health farms in general.
    • Once busy celebs went to health farms to straighten out; now they just buy their own farms instead.
    • Visitors to the health farm can avail of treatments such as an aromatherapy and Swedish massage, a detox body wrap, a seaweed wrap, aqua detox, an ozone bath, a facial or a pedicure.
    • Apparently this was a health farm for only handsome men.
    • A lady in expensive clothes walked in behind me with six suitcases as if she was checking into a health farm for a week of pampering.
    • He has been staying in a health farm for the last couple of years.
    • One night, weary of the ‘balanced diet’ of the health farm, we slipped out to Frank's favourite Thai restaurant in nearby Berkhamsted.