Traducción de health tourism en Español:

health tourism

turismo de salud, n.


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    turismo de salud masculino
    turismo médico masculino
    • But health chiefs in Swindon are not embracing health tourism of this kind.
    • Combining the two types of water cure under the label of health tourism is going to require a massive injection of capital.
    • Whilst meeting in a hospital sounds rather strange, the Skal members were there to learn first-hand of the possibilities that are being opened up for health tourism.
    • What has changed is that, in the past, the idea of an NHS which was free - to everyone - was so widely shared that we put up with what we now think of as abuses, such as health tourism.
    • The European Commission, which proposed the scheme earlier this month, denies that it will promote health tourism by encouraging people to travel to countries where treatment can be obtained more quickly and cheaply.
    • Support will be available for investment in pursuits such an equestrianism, cycling and walking, great gardens, specialist outdoor activities, water-base tourism and health tourism.
    • I only hope this sort of health tourism is not depriving poor people there of similar operations.
    • Of all the problems facing the NHS, health tourism is about the smallest.
    • Some of these reasons include for leisure and recreation, study and health tourism and business and professional tourism.
    • But this figure is expected to rise as more affluent mainland tourists latch on to the idea of health tourism.
    • But while Scotland is on the receiving end of NHS health tourism the Scottish Executive has so far refused to make greater use of private hospitals at home or abroad to cut waiting times.
    • In in the former Soviet Union there was even a clear pattern of state supported falsification of birth records to develop this region for health tourism and to receive research grants.
    • After all the fanfare of Apollo Hospital Group's entry into the domain of international health tourism, India's second largest healthcare provider, Wockhardt Hospitals, too is planning to play on the same turf.
    • ‘The whole of central Europe is seeing a growth in health tourism, including plastic surgery, thanks to the cost of the procedures and the boom in low-cost airlines,’ he said.
    • A more benign term is health tourism, in which people travel to obtain medical attention not available in their own countries, or which is obtainable more cheaply, or accompanied by greater privacy.
    • Tories have called for the introduction of a ‘health entitlement card’ to prevent so-called health tourism.
    • But the Government have no figures to show whether health tourism is a problem in this country.
    • Ironically this should be where the Tories support the Government as in July they wanted an entitlement card system for eligibility for access to treatment but again, they have no concrete figures on how much health tourism costs the NHS.
    • Hospital bosses in Bradford are phasing in tough new restrictions in a bid to put an end to health tourism.