Traducción de healthful en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhɛlθfəl//ˈhɛlθf(ə)l//ˈhɛlθfʊl/


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    • Okay, so here's how you get around that and eat your cheap, healthful tofu.
    • At the recommended concentration of just 30 parts per million, it is completely harmless and very healthful.
    • Shelves in back are stocked with 19 th-century elixirs containing such healthful ingredients as swamp root and deer tongue.
    • Health-conscious people have known for decades the benefits of soy foods and that they are a fun and healthful addition to the diet.
    • However the toppings can offset the healthful benefits implied by the above.
    • The price was very reasonable for the tastefully prepared, healthful and delicious food, the place is beautiful and the folks very friendly.
    • Even those who are the most devoted to a regimen of exercise and healthful nutrition can be sabotaged by their genes.
    • If I am paying for your health care, I want you to live in a healthful manner.
    • A healthful high-carbohydrate diet does not appear to raise insulin levels.
    • The strong Chinese belief in Jade's healthful properties led to the tradition of wearing jade jewellery.
    • To keep Mom happy and to be sure your body's nutritional needs are being met, make a special effort to eat healthful meals.
    • Meanwhile, efforts continue to amplify the healthful benefits of milk itself.
    • For example, a number of respondents may have given answers related to good nutrition or healthful eating.
    • You can surround yourself with a system and equipment that are conducive to healthful eating and exercise.
    • Foods like fish, avocados and nuts contain healthful fats that are good for a glowing complexion.
    • Milk consumption remains on the rise thanks to a nationwide effort to promote its healthful benefits.
    • Actually, the spicy food has various healthful effects and is often recommended by nutritionists.
    • Or, shocker, you've decided to change your diet to one that some people see as more healthful.
    • We mix kelp or healthful herbs into the feed whenever we can afford to and also use herbs to relieve symptoms when a bird is sick.
    • Choose healthful foods most of the time, and splurge only occasionally.