Traducción de hearing-impaired en Español:


con dificultad de audición, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌhɪərɪŋɪmˈpɛːd//ˌhɪrɪŋɪmˈpɛrd/


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    con dificultad de audición
    parcialmente sordo
    • Open captioning appears along the bottom of the screen for hearing impaired visitors.
    • In Vietnam, we had the chance to visit a special program for hearing-impaired children.
    • They met each other almost four years ago at an interactive session for the hearing-impaired community in the city.
    • Complaints from the disabled community in New Jersey led to four theater chains there to add special device for the hearing impaired.
    • The hearing impaired children excelled in dancing, mainly depending on the lip movements.
    • Most health professionals will have had some experience of working with hearing impaired people.
    • The following account by Jenny will allow you to consider some of the issues facing hearing impaired people.
    • Of course Gallaudet is a university that does such a wonderful job of teaching hearing impaired students.
    • People still conversed with each other in dance halls, sign language was only used by the hearing impaired.
    • Neighbors said the boy is blind and hearing impaired.
    • Communication among professionals is essential to ensure appropriate management of the hearing impaired child.
    • This interpreter wanted to bring the news about the Edwards affair to the hearing impaired.
    • The hearing impaired child depends a lot on visual clues provided to him for learning.
    • Harkins would have been able to escape had she not been hearing-impaired.
    • It's designed for the visually or hearing impaired.
    • It also includes closed captioning for the hearing impaired.
    • There are no subtitles, but there are closed captions for the hearing impaired.
    • This design is especially appropriate for two bedmates who must awaken at different times, or for the hearing impaired.
    • Hearing dogs are trained to alert the deaf & hearing impaired to every day sounds by physical contact.
    • I heard thousands of phone conversations during my years working with the hearing impaired.

sustantivo plural

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    the hearing-impaired las personas con dificultades de audición / parcialmente sordas