Traducción de hearing aid en Español:

hearing aid

audífono, n.


  • 1

    audífono masculino
    • Each time you come to the church you should switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ position for better quality sound.
    • When hearing loss cannot be corrected medically or surgically, the patient is forced to wear a hearing aid.
    • A hearing aid's basic components are the microphone, amplifier, and receiver.
    • It receives the signals through the receiver and the instrument in the box will send the sound signals to the person through a hearing aid.
    • In England, defendants with no or partial hearing always have a hearing aid or a sign language interpreter present.
    • Based on the audiogram, I have been advised to use a hearing aid.
    • A control cover for a hearing aid is shown that prevents accidental changes in adjustment.
    • I understand it is now possible for someone to wear a tiny hearing aid that is stashed so far down in the ear canal that it's not visible.
    • Never hesitate to wear a hearing aid if required or use a walking stick once a person is 70-year old.
    • His mom, sister, and brother ambled about, along with his dad, walking with a cane and wearing a hearing aid.
    • She can only hear with the help of her hearing aid.
    • Without a hearing aid I would drop out of conversations.
    • She did wear a big hearing aid that delivered highly amplified sound to her left ear.
    • The attacker was said to be wearing a hearing aid.
    • There's a world of difference between a heart valve and a hearing aid.
    • I grabbed my hearing aid and put it into my left ear, turning it on.
    • For those who use a hearing aid, they should turn to the ‘T’ switch on the hearing aid for reception.
    • If the hearing aid is not well fitted to the patient's external auditory canal, it may be bothersome or difficult to keep in place.
    • The device looks like an older hearing aid with a curved battery and electronics holder worn above and behind the ear.
    • The patient wears an outer hearing aid with a microphone that is connected to a speech processor worn on a belt or on the ear.