Traducción de heart-searching en Español:


reflexión, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈhɑrtˌsərtʃɪŋ/


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    reflexión femenino
    his death caused me prolonged heart-searching su muerte me hizo reflexionar largamente
    • The SNP election broadcast about waiting lists was controversial and provoked many heart-searching discussions about negative campaigning and taste.
    • It is this that must be causing deep heart-searching at the Fed.
    • He said the decision to kill the foxes was only taken after much heart-searching and research.
    • The adapter, Emma Reeves, has managed, no doubt with a great deal of heart-searching, to hit that core and aided by her director, Andrew Loudon, and an experienced and almost flawless cast, the initial sincerity shines through.
    • Given the fact that an unforgiving spirit is one of the most destructive forces at work in contemporary, secular and spiritual community life, here is a book that could hardly be more timely or heart-searching.
    • But if we are ever to learn from such events, heart-searching is necessary.
    • With much heart-searching, not to say longing, I was suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms.
    • Much heart-searching, often on the verge of tears, has gone into the writing of this chapter.
    • Importantly, what the Saffron brigade needs to undertake is some genuinely honest heart-searching.
    • After much heart-searching, the creation of exclusively private banks is back on China's agenda, at a time when the State banks have to reform to cope with the challenges when China joins the World Trade Organization.
    • Then, every couple who are in dispute over the looking after of their children would, first of all, sit down for about 4 hours and have a very serious, heart-searching look at the impact on their children of what they are doing.
    • And in the privacy of their extensive suites, yesterday's atrocities should prompt heart-searching among some of those present.
    • And of course he stopped in his tracks, turned around and gave her an exclusive, heart-searching interview about his difficult childhood.
    • High-minded though it may be to demand of the majority community to alone bear the burden of secularism, the minorities must do some heart-searching on their own to ask whether their expectations are fair and equitable.
    • The best biblical example of this was John the Baptist, whose heart-searching message of repentance prepared the way for the public appearance of Jesus the Messiah and the new covenant established through his death.
    • I thought that they would be a little more rigorous and heart-searching than they were.
    • There is much heart-searching over the clash of cultures in Britain's multi-ethnic society.
    • Realism and myth, lyrical memoir and contemporary reality, combine in the highly individual texture of his prose, which expresses the heart-searchings of a solitary man with a restless social conscience.
    • In fact, it involved a great deal of heart-searching before we reached that conclusion.
    • After days and nights of heart-searching we decided to let our only daughter go with some of her friends.