Traducción de heart attack en Español:

heart attack

ataque al corazón, n.


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    ataque al corazón masculino
    infarto masculino
    he had / (formal) suffered a heart attack tuvo un infarto
    • I nearly had a heart attack por poco me da un ataque / un infarto
    • It should be clear by now that people who give up smoking after a heart attack live longer than those who don't.
    • So the ones who are saved from a heart attack will have been helped by the drug.
    • As a result of the attack, the heart may not be able to pump around the body as efficiently as before the heart attack.
    • Being sedentary increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke by the same amount as smoking.
    • My experience of care after my heart attack was like being led through a fog by someone who knew the way.
    • This helps to slow the progression of coronary heart disease and makes a heart attack less likely.
    • He was acquitted, but the stress of the trial was blamed for his death from a heart attack two years ago.
    • If the symptoms occur whilst at rest, or are not relieved by rest, they could indicate a heart attack.
    • When she first came into casualty, we missed the signs of what was probably a heart attack.
    • He blacked out and despite a blood transfusion, suffered a fatal heart attack.
    • We have a single template in our mind as to what a heart attack is, and how it presents itself.
    • Peter is 45, and came so that he could reduce his risk of having a sudden heart attack.
    • This procedure can relieve symptoms and reduce the chance of a heart attack.
    • While at home he became ill and eventually died alone after a heart attack.
    • He was re-admitted to hospital but suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of the infection.
    • At first it was assumed he had had a sudden heart attack brought on by all the excitement.
    • A successful angioplasty brings relief from angina and can make a heart attack less likely.
    • Less than eighteen months later, at the age of sixty, my father suffers a fatal heart attack.
    • He had suffered a fatal heart attack and was pronounced dead on the dressing room table.
    • Police said a post-mortem examination showed the cause of death was a heart attack.