Traducción de heartache en Español:


pena, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɑrdˌeɪk//ˈhɑːteɪk/


  • 1

    pena femenino
    dolor masculino
    after all the heartache they caused her después de todo lo que la hicieron sufrir / de todos los disgustos que le dieron
    • I say this, even though this was the time I suffered severe heartaches and love tragedies of such great scale that my poor innocent heart could barely cope with the betrayal.
    • The mind boggles at the possibilities, but the pain, heartache, and loss is still there.
    • And hers was only one of thousands of stories of loss and heartache gathered in the spring sunshine.
    • The only true emotions are heartache and misery and I will not put myself at risk of those again.
    • All they were interested in was causing as much misery and heartache for the residents as possible.
    • It was a learning experience and it involved a lot of heartache and pain on both their parts.
    • Those who have had to live through that pain and heartache know what I am talking about.
    • Days of heartache and suffering were now primed to pay off in the form of unlimited free food.
    • They may then decide to abort the baby, as they may not want it to endure any pain, heartache or suffering.
    • We were a one-man army on a one-man mission; causing heartache and grief to the ones we loved.
    • More complications ensue for black sailor Johnny who finds love and heartache in London docklands.
    • Although his lyrics of love and heartache belie his teenage years, Mario is still striving for his own unique sound.
    • We would know the grief and heartache of their families and colleagues.
    • It would have saved me the pain and heartache, but it would also have left me in my little bubble of idealism.
    • As a result the lovers had to suffer much heartache and humiliation before they could be together.
    • How do you condense 11 years of fun and love and heartache, worries and accomplishments into a few words?
    • Along with her family she moves to increasingly cramped quarters, suffering heartache and death.
    • There's been a lot of pain and heartache, but since we came home, I've seen such a change in him.
    • Deep in her eyes, she had heartache, pain, and anger swirling together in a destructive mass.
    • Now I was trembling not only from the cold, but also from the pain and heartache that no one could repair.